Awful Ryan Lochte Interview Makes News Anchor Completely Lose Her S**t

 Credit: WENN

We all know that Ryan Lochte has done some really dumb interviews in his day and it’s not going to stop now. Too bad he’s on the media blitz now that his E! show What Would Ryan Lochte Do? is set to premiere on Sunday. This interview he did with Fox 29 News in Philadelphia is so bad it that makes both news anchors totally lose it. 

As soon as the satellite feed cuts off, anchor Sheinelle Jones starts laughing harder than Anderson Cooper when there is a poo joke involved. Her co-host Mike Jerrick isn’t any better and starts picking on the poor guy. Yes, this is the reaction we all have to this show. The freak-out is below and the full video of the teeth-grindingly awful interview is available here

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