Are You There, Fans? It’s Me, Azealia.

Azealia BanksWENN

Azealia Banks has gone and released a scrawled tracklist on Twitter, aka her dedicated combat zone. Perhaps a sign that her elusive debut album might be approaching the physical realm at a slightly less glacial pace?

It’s probably a coincidence that, with an album to promote, she’s got her teeth into some high-profile subjects lately: namely President Obama and, er, Syria.

Banks has been getting political, in between observations on Chinese food and mermaids. Highlights include: “Should the U.S. have invaded Syria earlier?: yes, but it’s too late to dwell on that now and SOMETHING, has to be done” and “OBAMA NOOOOOO”.

True, her ratchet antics and beefs with topical celebrities, from Kreayshawn to Lady Gaga, have kept her on the radar. But has her constant online brawling been a risky strategy? She recently tweeted, “Azealia Banks is here. For good. Forever.”

Well, we went ahead and ran the numbers. Yep, the last Azealia Banks fan is on the fence about Syria…and he just got into Angel Haze.

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