20th Anniversary Gives Backstreet Boys Another Nostalgia-Driven Excuse to Tour

Credit: Charles Sykes/AP Photo

Thanks a lot, twentysomething nostalgia obsessives. Through your rampant infatuation with reliving your middle school years, bubbly boyband (oh, sorry, “vocal harmony group”) the Backstreet Boys have found yet another excuse to go on tour. 

Apparently, it is the 20th anniversary of BSB’s inception (they formed in 1993, and were signed to a recording contract in 1994), meaning it’s time for all the sad cougars looking to score to break out the $40 t-shirt souveniers and fill up the Natty Light in order get drunk in amphitheater parking lots. Backstreet’s back, alright? But not like all those other times they were back (with the NKOTBSB tour and those new Old Navy sad clown paintings called commercials). No, this time is special because the number 20 is involved.  

The tour kicks off on August 2 in Chicago, Ill., and has the privilege of hosting fellow nineties fade-out Jesse McCartney and MTV’s own DJ Pauly D. Because of course. Click here to see if they’re coming to your town, tickets go on sale Friday, May 17.

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