Balthazar Getty Calls for Paparazzi Laws

Actor Balthazar Getty has called for the U.S. government to curb the paparazzi after his alleged romance with Sienna Miller made him a target for photographers.

The married actor was pictured with a topless Miller on a yacht off Italy’s Amalfi coast in July 2008, sparking reports that they were an item.

Weeks later, the father-of-four announced he had separated from his wife and Getty blamed press intrusion for forcing him to issue the statement.

Now the Brothers & Sisters star has urged officials to introduce laws to regulate the behavior of Hollywood photographers.

He tells Access Hollywood, “I think somebody in government needs to set up some sort of boundaries because it’s really dangerous. Someone’s going to get


“Look, obviously it comes with the territory. You can’t expect to be an actor and then nod your finger at them. But there’s a line. When they’re endangering people and they’re breaking laws and they’re, you know, exploiting kids and personal stories…”

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