Barbara Stanwyck

Actor, Chorus girl, Model
Barbara Stanwyck was a dazzling study in contrasts. At times sultry and sweet; vulnerable and tough; comedic and dramatic; joyous and tragic - she simply was one of the greatest and most unique actresses during ... Read more »
Born: 07/16/1907 in Brooklyn, New York, USA


Actor (86)

Going Hollywood: The War Years 1987 (Movie)

Herself (Actor)

The Colbys 1985 - 1987 (TV Show)


The Thorn Birds 1982 - 1983 (TV Show)


The Letters 1972 - 1973 (TV Show)


The Big Valley 1965 - 1969 (TV Show)


The Night Walker 1965 (Movie)

Irene Trent (Actor)

Roustabout 1964 (Movie)

Maggie Morgan (Actor)

The Dick Powell Show 1961 - 1963 (TV Show)


The General Electric Theater 1952 - 1962 (TV Show)


The Loretta Young Theater 1953 - 1962 (TV Show)


Walk on the Wild Side 1962 (Movie)

Jo Courtney (Actor)

Zane Grey Theater 1956 - 1962 (TV Show)


The Barbara Stanwyck Theater 1960 - 1961 (TV Show)


Crime of Passion 1957 (Movie)

Kathy Ferguson (Actor)

Forty Guns 1957 (Movie)

Jessica Drummond (Actor)

Trooper Hook 1957 (Movie)

Cora Sutliff (Actor)

The Maverick Queen 1956 (Movie)

Kit Banion (Actor)

There's Always Tomorrow 1956 (Movie)

Norma Miller (Actor)

These Wilder Years 1956 (Movie)

Ann Dempster (Actor)

Escape to Burma 1955 (Movie)

Gwen Moore (Actor)

Cattle Queen of Montana 1954 (Movie)

Sierra Nevada Jones (Actor)

Executive Suite 1954 (Movie)

Julia O Tredway (Actor)

The Violent Men 1954 (Movie)

Martha Wilkison (Actor)

Witness to Murder 1954 (Movie)

Cheryl Draper (Actor)

All I Desire 1953 (Movie)

Naomi Murdoch (Actor)

Blowing Wild 1953 (Movie)

Marina (Actor)

Jeopardy 1953 (Movie)

Helen Stilwin (Actor)

Clash By Night 1952 (Movie)

Mae Doyle (Actor)

California 1947 (Movie)

Lily Bishop (Actor)

The Two Mrs. Carrolls 1947 (Movie)


Variety Girl 1947 (Movie)


The Strange Love of Martha Ivers 1946 (Movie)

Martha Ivers (Actor)

Christmas in Connecticut 1945 (Movie)

Elizabeth Lane (Actor)

Double Indemnity 1944 (Movie)

Phyllis Dietrichson (Actor)

Ball of Fire 1942 (Movie)

Sugarpuss O'Shea (Actor)

The Lady Eve 1941 (Movie)

Jean Harrington/Lady Eve Sidwich (Actor)

Remember the Night 1939 (Movie)


Golden Boy 1938 (Movie)


Union Pacific 1938 (Movie)

Mollie Monahan (Actor)

Stella Dallas 1936 (Movie)

Stella Martin Dallas (Actor)

Banjo on My Knee 1935 (Movie)


Annie Oakley 1934 (Movie)

Annie Oakley (Actor)

Baby Face 1932 (Movie)

Lily Powers (Actor)

Ladies They Talk About 1932 (Movie)

Nan (Actor)

Night Nurse 1931 (Movie)

Lora Hart (Actor)

The Bitter Tea of General Yen 1931 (Movie)


Ten Cents a Dance 1930 (Movie)


The Miracle Woman 1930 (Movie)

Florence Fallon (Actor)

A Taste of Evil (TV Show)


Always Goodbye (Movie)

Margot Weston (Actor)

B.F.'s Daughter (Movie)

Polly Fulton (Actor)

Breakfast for Two (Movie)

Valentine Ransome (Actor)

Broadway Nights (Movie)

Fan dancer (Actor)

Ever in My Heart (Movie)

Mary Archer (Actor)

Flesh and Fantasy (Movie)

Joan Stanley (Actor)

Gambling Lady (Movie)

Lady Lee (Actor)

His Brother's Wife (Movie)

Rita Wilson (Actor)

Hollywood Canteen (Movie)

Guest (Actor)

Illicit (Movie)

Anne Vincent (Actor)

Ladies of Leisure (Movie)

Kay Arnold (Actor)

Lady of Burlesque (Movie)

Dixie Daisy (Actor)

Meet John Doe (Movie)

Ann Mitchell (Actor)

Mexicali Rose (Movie)

Mexicali Rose (Actor)

My Reputation (Movie)

Jessica Drummond (Actor)

No Man of Her Own (Movie)

Helen Ferguson (Actor)

Shopworn (Movie)

Kitty Lane (Actor)

Sorry, Wrong Number (Movie)

Leona Stevenson (Actor)

The Bride Walks Out (Movie)

Carolyn Martin (Actor)

The Bride Wore Boots (Movie)

Sally Warren (Actor)

The Furies (Movie)

Vance Jeffords (Actor)

The Great Man's Lady (Movie)

Hannah Sampler (Actor)

The Lady Gambles (Movie)

Joan Boothe (Actor)

The Letters (Movie)

Geraldine Parkington (Actor)

The Mad Miss Manton (Movie)

Melsa Manton (Actor)

The Man with a Cloak (Movie)

Lorna Bounty (Actor)

The Moonlighter (Movie)

Rela (Actor)

The Other Love (Movie)

Karen Duncan (Actor)

The Plough and the Stars (Movie)

Nora Clitheroe (Actor)

The Purchase Price (Movie)

Joan Gordon (Actor)

The Secret Bride (Movie)

Ruth Vincent (Actor)

This is My Affair (Movie)

Lil Duryea (Actor)

To Please a Lady (Movie)

Regina Forbes (Actor)

Wagon Train (TV Show)


You Belong To Me (Movie)

Helen Hunt (Actor)


Barbara Stanwyck was a dazzling study in contrasts. At times sultry and sweet; vulnerable and tough; comedic and dramatic; joyous and tragic - she simply was one of the greatest and most unique actresses during Hollywood's Golden Era. She could play whatever the part required, whether it was madcap glamour in comedies like "The Lady Eve" (1941), tough-minded feminism in weepies like "Stella Dallas" (1937), or poisonous vixens in noir classics like "Double Indemnity" (1944). A working-class girl from Brooklyn, she became one of the richest women in the United States due to wise investments. On a personal level, she was wildly popular among her peers, yet died a virtual recluse. Most astounding of all, she gave some of the most unforgettable performances in film history, yet never won an Academy Award for her work. Like many an aging glamour girl, she moved reluctantly into TV in the 1950s and 1960s when her movie career declined, but became an even bigger star than she had been before. Barbara Stanwyck - an American original and the true essence of the word "dame" - like no other actress of her generation enjoyed a long, varied career in film and television while remaining beloved by her millions of fans.


Frank Capra Director

Together in early 1930s when they worked together on several films

Rex Cherryman

Appeared together in the play, "The Noose" in 1926 died in 1928 at the age of 30 of septic poisoning

Frank Fay Actor

Married August 26, 1928 divorced in 1935

Dion Fay


Byron Stevens

Abandoned five children c. 1911 after wife's death

Catherine Stevens

Killed c. 1911 when a drunken stranger pushed her off a moving trolley (she was pregnant at the time)

Robert Taylor Actor

Married from 1939-1951 Taylor had several affairs during their marriage and ultimately Barbara filed for divorce in 1950 when a starlet made her romance with Taylor public

Robert Wagner Actor

Reportedly had an affair after meeting on the set of Titanic (1953) They had a four year romance as described in Wagner's 2008 memoir Pieces of My Heart


Erasmus Hall High School

Brooklyn , New York



Made three guest appearances on the hit primetime soap opera "Dynasty" (ABC) as Constance Colby Patterson


Reprised the role of Constance Colby Patterson on the first season of the spin-off series "The Colbys" (ABC)


Gave an Emmy Award-winning performance in the ABC mini-series, "The Thorn Birds"


Cast as head of a frontier family in the Western series "The Big Valley" (ABC)


Acted in her last feature film "The Night Walker"


Returned to features in "Walk on the Wild Side"


Hosted her own show, "The Barbara Stanwyck Show" (NBC); earned the star her first Emmy Award


Cast in a recurring role on the NBC TV series, "Wagon Train"


Last starring role in a feature for five years, "Forty Guns"


Appeared opposite Ronald Reagan in the western "Cattle Queen of Montana"


Played a spoiled, bedridden daughter of a millionaire in "Sorry, Wrong Number" earned fourth Best Actress Academy Award nomination


Starred in the noir feature, "Double Indemnity"; received third Academy Award nomination for Best Actress


Co-starred with Gary Cooper in "Ball of Fire"; earned second Best Actress Academy Award nomination


Most famous role was in "The Lady Eve," starring opposite Henry Fonda


Won acclaim for her role in "Stella Dallas"; earned first Best Actress Academy Award nomination


Was one of the first stars to go independent when her Warner Bros. contract expired


Appeared in a starring role in the feature "Illicit"


Under joint contract with Columbia and Warner Bros. inspired by success of feature "Ladies of Leisure"


Feature leading role debut in "The Locked Door"


First film appearance was a minor part in "Broadway Nights" (silent film)


First starring role on Broadway in "Burlesque"


Broadway debut in the chorus of "The Noose"; co-starred with actors Rex Cherryman and Wilfred Lucas

Orphaned at the age of four and raised by older sister and other relatives

Returned to TV with "The Thorn Birds" (1983) and "Dynasty II: The Colbys"

Began working at as a fashion model at age 13, and was a Ziegfeld Girl by the age of 15

Bonus Trivia


In 1944 the IRS claimed that Stanwyck was the highest-paid woman in the US, with an annual salary of $400,000.


Stanwyck changed her name from Ruby Stevens when she appeared in the Broadway play, "The Noose" in 1926. The inspiration was said to come from a theatrical poster which announced "Jane Stanwyck in 'Barbara Frietchie.'"