Barry Nelson

This handsome, light-haired actor of Scandinavian heritage entered films in 1941 as a supporting player and second string lead. Nelson evolved into a dashing TV lead in the 50s and 60s and found his greatest success on ... Read more »
Born: 04/15/1920 in San Francisco, California, USA


Actor (34)

Murder, She Wrote 1987 - 1988 (Tv Show)


The Shining 1980 (Movie)

Ullman (Actor)

Mason 1976 - 1977 (TV Show)


There's Always Room 1976 - 1977 (TV Show)


Ghost Story 1972 - 1973 (TV Show)


Pete 'n' Tillie 1972 (Movie)

Burt (Actor)

My Wives Jane 1970 - 1971 (TV Show)


Airport 1970 (Movie)

Lieutenant Anson Harris (Actor)

Mary, Mary 1962 (Movie)

Bob McKellaway (Actor)

The First Traveling Saleslady 1956 (Movie)

Charles Masters (Actor)

Casino Royale 1953 (Movie)

Jimmy Bond (Actor)

The Chevrolet Tele-Theater 1948 - 1950 (TV Show)


A Guy Named Joe (Movie)

Dick Rumney (Actor)

A Yank on the Burma Road (Movie)

Joe Tracey (Actor)

Bataan (Movie)

F.X. Matowski (Actor)

Climax! (TV Show)


Climb an Angry Mountain (TV Show)


Death in Small Doses (TV Show)


Eyes in the Night (Movie)

Busch (Actor)

Johnny Eager (Movie)

Lew Rankin (Actor)

Rio Rita (Movie)

Harry Gantley (Actor)

Seven in Darkness (TV Show)


Shadow of the Thin Man (Movie)

Paul Clarke (Actor)

Tenth Avenue Angel (Movie)

Al Parker (Actor)

The Affairs of Martha (Movie)

Danny OBrien (Actor)

The Beginning or the End (Movie)

Col. Paul Tibbets, Jr. (Actor)

The Borgia Stick (TV Show)


The DuPont Show of the Week (TV Show)


The Human Comedy (Movie)

Fat (Actor)

The Man with My Face (Movie)

Chick Graham (Actor)

Undercover Maisie (Movie)

Lt. Paul Scott (Actor)

Winged Victory (Movie)

Bobby Grills (Actor)
Visual Effects & Animation (2)

Mrs. Doubtfire 1993 (Movie)


A Boy Named Charlie Brown 1969 (Movie)



This handsome, light-haired actor of Scandinavian heritage entered films in 1941 as a supporting player and second string lead. Nelson evolved into a dashing TV lead in the 50s and 60s and found his greatest success on the Broadway stage in a series of hit comedies and musicals. He proved adequate and good-humored in his often limited film roles, usually cast as the requisite male lead who provided support to his established leading ladies including Ginger Rogers in "The First Traveling Saleslady" (1956), Ann Sothern in "Undercover Maisie" (1947), Margaret O'Brien in "Tenth Avenue Angel" (1948) and Debbie Reynolds in "Mary, Mary" (1963).

TV afforded Nelson better star treatment in the 50s beginning with roles in several live dramatic anthologies of the period including "The Chevrolet Tele-Theater", "Pulitzer Prize Playhouse" and Starlight Theater. He is reputed to be the first actor to portray super secret agent James Bond--albeit as an American--in a TV adaptation of Ian Fleming's novel "Casino Royale" on the late 50s anthology series "Climax!". Nelson headlined his own series, playing US government agent Bart Adams, a suave master of disguises, on the Cold War-themed "The Hunter" (CBS, 1952; syndication, 1952-54). He proved even more adept as a sitcom lead on "My Favorite Husband" (1953-55). Nelson continued popping up on the small screen in dramatic anthologies, specials, TV-movies and guest shots, though with decreasing frequency since the mid-70s. He has been in only a few features since 1970, receiving his last significant exposure in Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining" (1980) as the hotel executive who hires Jack Nicholson as a caretaker.

In contrast, Nelson had been a theater staple since the late 40s, with Broadway credits including "Light Up the Sky", "The Rat Race", "The Moon is Blue" and "Cactus Flower". He was nominated for a 1978 Tony for his lead role in "The Act", a Broadway musical directed by Martin Scorsese and co-starring Liza Minnelli. The mid-80s found Nelson in the national and Broadway companies of "42nd Street".


Trygve Neilsen


Betsy Neilsen



University of California at Berkeley

Berkeley , California



Starred in the national company of the comedy "Lend Me a Tenor"


Acted in a L.A. revival of "Light Up the Sky"


Last film appearance, "Island Claws/Night of the Claw"


Acted opposite Jack Nicholson in a small role in "The Shining"


Directed by Martin Scorsese in "The Act", a Broadway musical starring Liza Minelli; garnered a Tony nod for "Outstanding Performance By An Actor In A Broadway Musical"


Co-starred wth Janet Leigh in the unsold CBS comedy pilot "My Wives Jane"


Starred in the busted sitcom pilot "Heaven Help Us" on CBS's "Vacation Playhouse"


TV-movie debut, "The Borgia Stick", a crime drama


Reprised his Broadway role in the film of "Mary-Mary" opposite Debbie Reynolds"


Supported Ginger Rogers playing an eccentric inventor in the Western comedy, "The First Traveling Saleslady"


Appeared in the hit Broadway comedy "The Moon is Blue"


Acted on Broadway in "The Rat Race"


Broadway debut, "Light Up the Sky"


First feature lead, "Undercover Maisie" with Ann Sothern


First significant supporting role "Shadow of the Thin Man"


Entered features directly after college; soon appeared in three films

Played an American James Bond in a TV adaptation of Ian Fleming's "Casino Royale" on the dramatic anthology series "Climax!"

Starred in the CBS sitcom "My Favorite Husband"

Performed in the national company of "42nd Street"

TV debut, a guest spot on the NBC live drama anthology series "The Chevrolet Tele-Theater"

Starred on Broadway in Jean Kerr's sex comedy "Mary-Mary"

Appeared on Broadway in the hit comedy "Cactus Flower" (date approximate)

TV series debut, starred as undercover G-man Bart Adams on "The Hunter", a Cold Way spy series on CBS and in syndication

Appeared on the ABC anthology series "Pulitzer Prize Playhouse"

Performed in the Broadway company of "42nd Street"