The Best and Worst of Pop Culture Gingers

Bette Midler
Ahh yes, The Divine Miss M. First of all, what hasn't this woman done? Actress, Broadway star, Grammy-winning musician, comedian, producer! I've also heard she's a wiz at Sudoku. She is unstoppable, on top of being a gay icon and philanthropist, our lady Bette can do no wrong. The ginger hair is just the incredibly fabulous cherry on top. There's no one like Bette, because no one else could've been so fierce in ‘Hocus Pocus.’
Conan O'Brien
I don't care what any of you say: Be still my heart, that Conan O'Brien is a fox. The comedian's business-time flop of red hair is the crowning glory on top of a lanky man. His hilarious run as a writer on ‘SNL’ followed by the dorm room required-watching ‘Late Night with Conan O'Brien’ supplied us with consistent guffaw-gold. And forget Adam Levine and his raven hair, his moves ain't nothin' like Jagger compared to Coco's string dance. Be still my babies!
Olive Penderghast (Emma Stone) from 'Easy A'
What can we say about Olive that hasn't already been said? Quick-witted, brilliant with an ironic sense of humor make her a total package ginger. The way she handled that... rigid Marianne (a.k.a. the last days of non-catastrophic Amanda Bynes) made for a way-entertaining two hours. And! She catapulted Emma Stone into our lives, which basically means she's our hero.
Ginger Spice (Geri Halliwell)
Ginger, also known as Geri Halliwell, was always the best one in the Spice Girls, and don't even try to play none of that Posh Spice business. Yes, Victoria Beckham is fabulous, but Posh was a bit of a dud in her earlier days. The real star was always Ginger — plus, she totally had the style thing going for her first. No one could (why would you want to?) forget those over-the-top platform shoes she always wore, to say nothing of her outfits. Us redheads spell “charisma” G-I-N-G-E-R, y'all.
Grace Coddington
Bow down to the unsung hero of ‘Vogue.’ Until the release of ‘The September Issue,’ people were unaware that the real star behind Vogue wasn't Miranda Priestly, I mean, Anna Wintour, it was Grace, the magazine's Creative Director. Coddington's eye for style and vision is what has tailored the artistry of the fashion spreads each month. Her shockingly (all-natural to boot!) red mane is more of a must-see at fashion week than most of the clothes.
Prince Harry
See, my boo Harry here is a conundrum. First of all — hello! — he's a damn prince and it's not from playing one in a Disney movie but because he was BORN one! Plus, he's totally a little dreamboat (no one saw that coming at first). But then Harry had to go and do some semi-sheisty shenanigans dressing as a Nazi for Halloween one year. Um, oops? I want to believe that was just a stupid drunken joke (getting drunk is something a Disney prince would NEVER do), but I'm torn.
Rose DeWitt (Kate Winslet) from 'Titanic'
See this opinion is going to be unpopular. I found Rose to be the worst part of 'Titanic.' She said she would never let go of Jack and then she dropped his a** in the water! She wouldn't try and squeeze him onto the raft with her? Swim to a boat? Something?! Cold, Rose. Plus she was so whiny during most of that movie—and that attempted suicide was just ridiculous. Poor Leo had to talk mad sense into her before she became tolerable again. The line “draw me like one of your French girls” will alwa
Ronald McDonald
This guy! This guy is the worst! I mean, what a terrifying mascot! This clown? Literally! He's a clown. A creepy will-see-you-in-your-night-terrors type-clown. Plus, he's peddling terrible, unhealthy food to children. No, I won't give this devil anymore copy space. He's just the worst. Night terrors.
Joan Holloway/Harris (Christina Hendricks) from ‘Mad Men’
Joan! Good lord, Joan is the universal woman, huh? Every dude wants to bone her and every girl wishes she looked like her. Her cutting takedowns and oh my god they need to get back together relationship with silver fox Roger Sterling stole the show on 'Mad Men.' And I'll go ahead and say homegirl was empowered with her choice to sleep with the creepy Jaguar guy because it got her ahead, and now her family is set for life. It was a real tactical move. Gingers cut like a knife.
Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) from ‘Mean Girls’
Cady was such a terrible person, huh? Like, talk about sensei-becomes-master. By the time we saw the epic take-down of the mean girls after the burn book surfaced, Cady was way more manipulative than Regina George. A brilliantly written character by Tina Fey, she was brilliant in her terribleness. Sure, she learned at the end, but she was the best when she was the worst, because it was really entertaining to watch her character become so entrenched and, in turn, unlikeable.
Lucille Ball
What a comedy goddess. Lucille paved the way for the many funny ladies we are so thankful (hear that, Adam Carolla?) for and adore. Her show ‘I Love Lucy’ was an iconic moment in television, which is really saying something considering how many years her career spanned. She is old Hollywood glamour with a funny mouth, and there isn't much better than the juxtaposition of the two. I mean, she even has her own stamp!
Mona Robinson (Katherine Helmond) from ‘Who's The Boss?’
Mona was a sexually liberated older woman from small, rich town Connecticut town that (back in the day) would certainly have little interest in such a staunch character. Sure the show wasn't that great, but who didn't have to suffer through a few episodes of this with your grandma, huh? Mona was the kick drum of that family and the subversive turn on how women were supposed to be portrayed. Thoroughly modern Mona!
Peg Bundy (Katey Sagal) from ‘Married With Children’
What is there to say about Peg Bundy that isn't already encapsulated by the word FABOULOUS? Her clothes made her look like a stand-in for the B-52s. How she was able to handle Al's BS as much as she did means that the sassy ginger also was a saint (albeit a saint that knew how to dish it as much as she took it).
Pippi Longstocking
Pippi Longstocking is a freak of nature. This is where that joke about gingers having no soul comes from — look at that hair! Look how it sticks up on end like it is possessed by dark and nefarious forces! And that monkey. Ew! Yuck! No! Get it away! And she was a total miscreant. EVIL.
Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) from ‘Harry Potter’
Talk about redheaded stepchild syndrome — and he's related to a whole gang of gingers! Still, the world's favorite armed (with a wand!) and immature little brother turned out to be quite a hero when he needed to be. Sure, he was mostly nagging and — in the brilliant words of Hermione Granger — had the emotional range of a teaspoon, but everyone needs one of those. And for the gingers, ours is Ron Weasley. He has weaknesses, but who doesn't? Ron Weasley is the humanizer of the gingers.
Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) from 'Homeland'
Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) from 'Homeland'
BRODY! Totally the worst, right? An army man turned terrorist, dude is playing our girl Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) like a fiddle. (Or maybe she's in on his game, or maybe he's being genuine, or maybe it's none of the above, ahhh I don't know!!) It's bad enough to be a ginger in an anti-ginger world (Lewis is a Brit, so he knows that better than most), but to then become a redheaded terrorist only furthers said hate. Brody, you're THE WORST!
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