Beckham uncomfortable with Cruise’s singing games

The Brit and his wife Victoria have become part of the Hollywood scene since arriving in Los Angeles in 2007 and Beckham loves hanging out with his superstar pals – until they start planning game night.

He explains, “Eva’s got this whole thing… about playing games and game night, and that’s one of my worst (nightmares). I get so uncomfortable with, like, crowd participation.

“I kinda stay out of it… We was (sic) at dinner once with Tom and Katie (Holmes) and a few of our friends… and we were sat there (sic) and everyone was like, ‘OK, let’s play a music game, let’s start a singing game.’

“We was (sic) in a restaurant, playing this game and I’m, like, texting one of my friends who was in the same restaurant. I was like, ‘Please invite me onto your table.'”

Beckham admits he only sings in the shower.