Beckhams Deny ‘Horrific’ Car Crash Reports

Victoria Beckham 

and her husband David have lashed out at reports stating they had been involved in a “terrifying car crash”, insisting the incident never happened.

The showbiz couple were reportedly visiting their home in the village of Bargemon, close to the French Riviera, last week, August 18, before the soccer star was due to fly to Beijing, China to take part in the Olympics closing ceremony on Sunday, August 24.

And as the pair made their way to Nice airport so the star could catch his plane to China, the pair was involved in a horrific crash, which left their black BMW with a smashed windscreen and extensive damage along the passenger side.

Reports stated David Beckham reportedly smashed the car laterally into a wall, leaving his wife severely shaken, with speculation the accident occurred due

to paparazzi hounding the couple.

But the couple’s spokesperson, Cheryl Maisel, has denied the crash ever happened, blaming online gossips for the false story.

She says, “There was no car crash. David and Victoria Beckham were driving a car that had been scratched the day before when it had been left parked at the

airport, they were not involved in any accident at all. There was no police, no crash, no paparazzi chase, etc., just very incorrect reports via Internet gossip sites.”

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