Belinda Van Valkenburg


Visual Effects & Animation (6)

Toy Story 3 2010 (Movie)

Shading Art Direction (Visual Effects)

Finding Nemo 2003 (Movie)

Lead CG Painter (CGI Artist)

My Favorite Martian 1999 (Movie)

lead digital painter(Tippett Studio/"Zoot" & "Lizzie" monster character animation) (Visual Effects)

The Haunting 1999 (Movie)

3-D paint supervisor(Tippett Studio) (Effects Supervisor)

Starship Troopers 1997 (Movie)

lead digital painter(The Tippett Studio) (Visual Effects)

Three Wishes 1995 (Movie)

computer graphics artist (Graphic Artist)
Art Department (2)

Toy Story That Time Forgot 2014 - 2015 (TV Show)

Art Director

Ratatouille 2007 (Movie)

(Art Director)