Ben Stiller Wants Jennifer Aniston To Get Naked For Charity

Ben Stiller wants to give men (and some women) what they’ve been dreaming about their whole lives — a chance to see Jennifer Aniston naked. But his generosity doesn’t end there…he wants to do this all in the name of charity. Stiller is launching a new foundation that focuses on building schools in areas affected by poverty around the world and while you might think that in itself is a difficult task, the actor’s biggest challenge thus far has been finding a name for the charity. He wants something that will grab everyone’s attention and give them a reason to donate to such a worthy cause. So what did he come up with? The See Jennifer Aniston Naked Foundation. Sounds promising, right?

Stiller was nice enough to create a funny video where he shows just how supportive the gorgeous actress really is of his charitable efforts and lists some of the other charity names he had thought of before his creative genius took over. Some of the other contenders included: The Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good and So You Think You Can Donate. While these were good ideas, I’d have to agree that a naked Jennifer would win by a landslide. So check out the video below and start donating!

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Source: Radar