Ben Welden

Born: 06/12/1901 in Toledo, Ohio, USA


Actor (69)

The Lone Ranger 1949 - 1957 (TV Show)


Hollywood or Bust 1956 (Movie)

Boss (Actor)

Ma and Pa Kettle at Waikiki 1955 (Movie)

Shorty Bates (Actor)

All Ashore 1953 (Movie)

Bartender (Actor)

Killers From Space 1953 (Movie)

Pilot - Tar Baby 2 (Actor)

Buccaneer's Girl 1950 (Movie)

Tom (Actor)

The Lemon Drop Kid 1950 (Movie)

Singing Solly (Actor)

Sorrowful Jones 1949 (Movie)


The Pretender 1947 (Movie)

Mickie (Actor)

The Big Sleep 1946 (Movie)

Pete (Actor)

The Fighting Seabees 1944 (Movie)

Yump Lumkin (Actor)

All Through the Night 1941 (Movie)


City For Conquest 1940 (Movie)


Knockout 1940 (Movie)


Nine Lives Are Not Enough 1940 (Movie)


Hollywood Cavalcade 1939 (Movie)

Agent (Actor)

Love Is on the Air 1937 (Movie)

Nicey Carter (Actor)

Alcatraz Island 1936 (Movie)


Kid Galahad 1936 (Movie)

Buzz Barett (Actor)

Marked Woman 1936 (Movie)


Varsity Show 1936 (Movie)


His Lordship 1931 (Movie)

Washington Lincoln (Actor)

A Close Call for Ellery Queen (Movie)

Fisherman (Actor)

A Song Is Born (Movie)

Monte (Actor)

Always Goodbye (Movie)

Taxi Dirver (Actor)

Angel on My Shoulder (Movie)

Shaggsy (uncredited) (Actor)

Another Dawn (Movie)

Victor Romkoff (Actor)

Back in Circulation (Movie)

Sam Sherman (Actor)

Boys' Reformatory (Movie)

Mike Hearn (Actor)

Circumstantial Evidence (Movie)

Kenny (Actor)

Dangerously They Live (Movie)

Eddie (Actor)

Fiesta (Movie)


Happy Landing (Movie)

Rink Manager (Actor)

Impact (Movie)

Moving van helper (Actor)

It's in the Bag (Movie)

Monte (Actor)

Killer Dill (Movie)

Moroni (Actor)

Little Miss Broadway (Movie)

Taxi Driver (Actor)

Little Orphan Annie (Movie)

Spot McGee (Actor)

Love and Hisses (Movie)

Bugsy (Actor)

Maisie Gets Her Man (Movie)

Percy Podd (Actor)

Men of Boys Town (Movie)

Superintendent (Actor)

Missing Witnesses (Movie)

Wagner (Actor)

Mr. District Attorney (Movie)

Monk Westman (Actor)

Mr. Hex (Movie)

Bull Laguna (Actor)

Mystery House (Movie)

Gerald Frawley (Actor)

Night Stage to Galveston (Movie)


Out of the Fog (Movie)

Boss (Actor)

Rose of Washington Square (Movie)

Toby (Actor)

Shadows in the Night (Movie)

Nick Kallus (Actor)

South of Pago Pago (Movie)

Grimes (Actor)

Stand By for Action (Movie)

Chief Quartermaster Rankin (Actor)

Straight, Place and Show (Movie)

Promoter (Actor)

Tear Gas Squad (Movie)

Rocks' partner (Actor)

That Certain Woman (Movie)

Valko (Actor)

The Duke Comes Back (Movie)

Second (Actor)

The Earl of Chicago (Movie)

Driver (Actor)

The Great Garrick (Movie)

Blacksmith (Actor)

The King and the Chorus Girl (Movie)

Waiter (Actor)

The Last Gangster (Movie)

Bottles Bailey (Actor)

The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt (Movie)

Jenks (Actor)

The Man I Love (Movie)

Jack Atlas (Actor)

The Missing Corpse (Movie)

Jon Clary (Actor)

The Noose Hangs High (Movie)

Stewart (Actor)

The Saint in New York (Movie)

Papinoff (Actor)

The Veils of Bagdad (Movie)

Stout Wrestler (Actor)

Thunder Bay (Movie)

Fisherman (Actor)

Tin Gods (Movie)

Cyrus P. Schroeder (Actor)

Too Many Winners (Movie)

Madden (Actor)

Trapped by Boston Blackie (Movie)

Louis (Actor)



Appeared in 50 films