Benny Baker

Actor, Vaudevillian, Truck driver
Born: 05/05/1907 in St Joseph, Missouri, USA


Actor (34)

Healer 1993 (Movie)

Cafeteria Romeo (Actor)

Birch Street Gym 1990 (Movie)

Nate (Actor)

18 Again 1988 (Movie)

Red (Actor)

Monster in the Closet 1987 (Movie)

Mr McGinty (Actor)

The Sting II 1981 (Movie)

Pyle (Actor)

Jory 1972 (Movie)

Mr Jordan (Actor)

Scandalous John 1971 (Movie)

Dr Kropak (Actor)

Paint Your Wagon 1969 (Movie)

Haywood Holbrook (Actor)

Some Kind of a Nut 1969 (Movie)

Cab Driver (Actor)

F Troop 1965 - 1967 (TV Show)


Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number! 1965 (Movie)

Regan (Actor)

For Those Who Think Young 1963 (Movie)

Lou (Actor)

Papa's Delicate Condition 1962 (Movie)

Douglas (Actor)

No Time For Sergeants 1958 (Movie)

Abel (Actor)

Public Pigeon No. 1 1957 (Movie)

Frankie Frannis (Actor)

Up in Arms 1943 (Movie)


She Married a Cop 1938 (Movie)


Tip-Off Girls 1937 (Movie)

Scotty (Actor)

Thanks a Million 1934 (Movie)


The Big Broadcast of 1936 1934 (Movie)


Belle of the Nineties 1933 (Movie)


Annapolis Farewell (Movie)

Zimmer (Actor)

Captains of the Clouds (Movie)

Popcorn Kearns (Actor)

Champagne Waltz (Movie)

Flip (Actor)

Dancing Co-Ed (Movie)

Evans (Actor)

Double or Nothing (Movie)

Sailor (Actor)

My Girl Tisa (Movie)

Herman (Actor)

Rose Bowl (Movie)

Dutch Schultz (Actor)

Smart Woman (Movie)

Fat Photographer (Actor)

The Farmer's Daughter (Movie)

Monk Gordon (Actor)

The Inspector General (Movie)

Telecki (Actor)

The Jerk, Too (TV Show)


Wanderer of the Wasteland (Movie)

Piano Player (Actor)
Producer (1)

Leave It to Beaver 1957 - 1963 (Tv Show)

Associate Producer