Benoît Magimel

Born: 05/10/1974


Actor (39)

La French 2014 (Movie)

Le Fou (Actor)

Pour une femme 2014 (Movie)

Michele (Actor)

CloClo 2012 (Movie)


Little White Lies 2012 (Movie)

Vincent (Actor)

Special Forces 2012 (Movie)

Tic-Tac (Actor)

Des vents contraires 2011 (Movie)


Mesrine: Killer Instinct 2010 (Movie)


Sans laisser de traces 2010 (Movie)

Etienne (Actor)

L' avocat 2009 (Movie)

Léo Mazurier (Actor)

L' ennemi Intime 2009 (Movie)

Lieutenant Terrien (Actor)

A Girl Cut in Two 2008 (Movie)

Paul Gaudens (Actor)

Inju, the Beast in the Shadow 2008 (Movie)

Alex Fayard (Actor)

Possibility of an Island 2008 (Movie)

Daniel1/ Daniel25 (Actor)

Resolution 819 2008 (Movie)


Seuls Two 2008 (Movie)


24 Bars 2007 (Movie)

Didier (Actor)

Truands 2007 (Movie)


Fair Play 2006 (Movie)

Jean-Claude (Actor)

Selon Charlie 2006 (Movie)


The Bridesmaid 2006 (Movie)

Philippe Tardieu (Actor)

Les Chavaliers du ciel 2005 (Movie)

Capitaine Michel "Mike" Navarre (Actor)

Trouble 2005 (Movie)

Matyas/Thomas (Actor)

Errance 2003 (Movie)


Strange Gardens 2003 (Movie)


The Flower of Evil 2003 (Movie)

Francois (Actor)

Children of the Century 2002 (Movie)

Alfred de Musset (Actor)

Nid de Guepes 2002 (Movie)

Santino (Actor)

The Piano Teacher 2002 (Movie)

Walter Klemmer (Actor)

Lisa 2001 (Movie)

Sam (Actor)

Le Roi danse 2000 (Movie)

Louis XIV (Actor)

Selon Matthieu 2000 (Movie)

Matthieu (Actor)

A Minute of Silence 1998 (Movie)

Marek (Actor)

A Single Girl 1996 (Movie)

Remi (Actor)

Les Voleurs 1996 (Movie)

Jimmy (Actor)

Les Annees Campagnes 1992 (Movie)

Jules (Actor)

La Cahier Vole 1991 (Movie)

Maurice (Actor)

Life Is a Long Quiet River 1990 (Movie)

Momo (Actor)

Papa est parti, maman aussi 1989 (Movie)

Jerome (Actor)


Juliette Binoche Actor

met when they acted together in "Les Enfants du siecle" (1999)

Hana Magimel

born in 2000