Benson Fong

Actor, Restaurateur
Born: 10/09/1916 in Sacramento, California, USA


Actor (42)

Moonlight 1982 - 1983 (TV Show)


Family in Blue 1981 - 1982 (TV Show)


Jinxed! 1981 (Movie)

Dr Fong (Actor)

S.O.B. 1981 (Movie)

Chef (Actor)

Saint Peter 1980 - 1981 (TV Show)


Spider-Man The Dragon's Challenge 1979 (Movie)

Min Lo Chan (Actor)

Oliver's Story 1978 (Movie)

John Hsiang (Actor)

He Is My Brother 1975 (Movie)


The Strongest Man in the World 1974 (Movie)

Ah Fong (Actor)

Charley Varrick 1973 (Movie)

Honest John (Actor)

Kung Fu 1971 - 1972 (TV Show)


Travis Logan, D.A. 1970 - 1971 (TV Show)


The Love Bug 1968 (Movie)

Mr Wu (Actor)

Our Man Flint 1965 (Movie)

Dr Schneider (Actor)

Girls! Girls! Girls! 1962 (Movie)

Kin Yung (Actor)

Flower Drum Song 1961 (Movie)

Wang Chi-Wang (Actor)

Five Gates to Hell 1959 (Movie)

Gung Sa (Actor)

The Scarlet Hour 1956 (Movie)


Conquest of Space 1955 (Movie)

Imoto (Actor)

The Left Hand of God 1955 (Movie)

Chun Tien (Actor)

His Majesty O'Keefe 1953 (Movie)

Mr Chou (Actor)

Women in the Night 1947 (Movie)


China Sky 1944 (Movie)


Behind the Rising Sun (Movie)

Japanese Officer (Actor)

Boston Blackie's Chinese Venture (Movie)

Ah Hing (Actor)

Calcutta (Movie)

Young Chinese Clerk (Actor)

Charlie Chan at the Opera (Movie)

Opera Extra (Actor)

Charlie Chan in the Secret Service (Movie)

Tommie Chan (Actor)

Dark Alibi (Movie)

Tommy Chan (Actor)

First Yank into Tokyo (Movie)

Capt. Tanahe (Actor)

Hazard (Movie)

Chinese House Boy (Actor)

Kung Fu: The Movie (TV Show)


Nob Hill (Movie)

Chinese Boy (Actor)

The Chinese Cat (Movie)

Tommie Chan (Actor)

The Glitter Dome (TV Show)


The Keys of the Kingdom (Movie)

Joseph (Actor)

The Purple Heart (Movie)

Moy Ling (Actor)

The Red Dragon (Movie)

Tommy Chan (Actor)

The Scarlet Clue (Movie)

Tommy Chan (Actor)

The Shanghai Cobra (Movie)

Tommy Chan (Actor)

Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (Movie)

Young Chung (Actor)

Three Husbands (Movie)

George (Actor)


studied in China