Berton Churchill

Born: 12/09/1876 in Toronto, Ontario, CA


Actor (79)

Brother Rat and a Baby 1939 (Movie)


Stagecoach 1939 (Movie)

Gatewood (Actor)

In Old Chicago 1937 (Movie)


The Cowboy and the Lady 1937 (Movie)

Henderson (Actor)

Bunker Bean 1935 (Movie)

Professor Ed Balthazer (Actor)

Parole! 1935 (Movie)


I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang 1931 (Movie)

Judge (Actor)

The Big Stampede 1931 (Movie)


A Night at the Ritz (Movie)

Mr. Vincent (Actor)

Alias the Deacon (Movie)


American Madness (Movie)

O'Brien (Actor)

Babbitt (Movie)

Judge Thompson (Actor)

Bachelor of Arts (Movie)

Alexander Hamilton, Sr. (Actor)

Colleen (Movie)

Logan (Actor)

College Coach (Movie)

Otis (Actor)

Cross Country Romance (Movie)

Conway (Actor)

Dames (Movie)

H. Ellsworthy Todd (Actor)

Danger on the Air (Movie)

Kluck (Actor)

Daughters Courageous (Movie)

Judge Henry Hornsby (Actor)

Dimples (Movie)

Colonel Loring (Actor)

Doctor Bull (Movie)

Herbert Banning (Actor)

Elmer the Great (Movie)

Col. Moffitt (Actor)

Employees' Entrance (Movie)

Bradford (Actor)

False Faces (Movie)

Dr. J.B. Parker (Actor)

Four Men and a Prayer (Movie)

Martin Cherrington (Actor)

Frisco Jenny (Movie)

Mr. Reynolds (Actor)

Frontier Marshal (Movie)

Hiram Melton (Actor)

Half a Sinner (Movie)

Deacon (Actor)

Hard to Handle (Movie)

Col. Wells (Actor)

Her First Mate (Movie)

Davis (Actor)

Heroes for Sale (Movie)

Mr. Winston (Actor)

Hi, Nellie! (Movie)

Graham (Actor)

If I Had a Million (Movie)

Warden (Actor)

Judge Priest (Movie)

Senator Horace K. Maydew (Actor)

Kentucky Moonshine (Movie)

J.B. (Actor)

Kid Millions (Movie)

Col. Larrabee (Actor)

Ladies Must Love (Movie)

Gaskins (Actor)

Let's Be Ritzy (Movie)

Pembrook (Actor)

Master of Men (Movie)

Mr. Walling (Actor)

Mistaken Identity (Movie)


Murder in the Private Car (Movie)

Carson (Actor)

Only Yesterday (Movie)

Goodheart (Actor)

Parnell (Movie)

The O'Gormon Mahon (Actor)

Private Jones (Movie)

Winthrop (Actor)

Saturday's Children (Movie)

Mr. Norman (Actor)

Scandal for Sale (Movie)

Bunnyweather (Actor)

Should Husbands Work? (Movie)

Barnes (Actor)

Silver Dollar (Movie)


Sing Sing Nights (Movie)

Gov. Duane (Actor)

Sing and Be Happy (Movie)

John Mason (Actor)

So This Is London (Movie)

Hiram Draper (Actor)

Steamboat Round the Bend (Movie)

The New Moses (Actor)

Strictly Dynamite (Movie)


Sweethearts (Movie)

Sheridan Lane (Actor)

Take the Stand (Movie)


The Avenger (Movie)

Forster (Actor)

The Big Brain (Movie)

Col. Higginbotham (Actor)

The Billion Dollar Scandal (Movie)

The Warden (Actor)

The Cabin in the Cotton (Movie)

Lane Norwood (Actor)

The County Chairman (Movie)

Elias Rigby (Actor)

The Crooked Circle (Movie)

Col. Wolters (Actor)

The Dark Horse (Movie)

William A. Underwood (Actor)

The Dark Hour (Movie)

Paul Bernard (Actor)

The Little Giant (Movie)

Donald Hadley Cass (Actor)

The Menace (Movie)


The Mouthpiece (Movie)


The Rainmakers (Movie)

Simon Parker (Actor)

The Reckless Age (Movie)


The Singing Marine (Movie)

J. Montgomery Madison (Actor)

The Spanish Cape Mystery (Movie)

Judge Macklin (Actor)

The Wet Parade (Movie)


Three of a Kind (Movie)

"Con" Cornelius (Actor)

Two Seconds (Movie)

Warden (Actor)

Under Your Spell (Movie)

The Judge (Actor)

Vagabond Lady (Movie)

R.D. Spear (Actor)

Washington Merry-Go-Round (Movie)

Speaker (Actor)

Week-Ends Only (Movie)

Mr. Carr (Actor)

Wide Open Faces (Movie)

Mr. Crawford (Actor)

Wild and Woolly (Movie)

Edward Ralston (Actor)


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