Bessie Love

Actor, Playwright
Born: 09/10/1898 in Midland, Texas, USA


Actor (39)

That's Entertainment! III 1994 (Movie)

Song Performer (Actor)

The Hunger 1983 (Movie)

Lillybelle (Actor)

Lady Chatterley's Lover 1982 (Movie)

Flora (Actor)

Reds 1981 (Movie)

Mrs Partlow (Actor)

Gulliver's Travels 1977 (Movie)


The Ritz 1976 (Movie)

Maurine (Actor)

Vampyres 1973 (Movie)

Elderly Woman (Actor)

Sunday, Bloody Sunday 1971 (Movie)

Answering Service Lady (Actor)

Catlow 1970 (Movie)

Mrs Frost (Actor)

On Her Majesty's Secret Service 1969 (Movie)

American Guest (Actor)

Isadora 1968 (Movie)

Mrs Duncan (Actor)

Battle Beneath the Earth 1967 (Movie)

Matron (Actor)

Promise Her Anything 1966 (Movie)

Pet Shop Customer (Actor)

Children of the Damned 1963 (Movie)

Mrs Robbin (Actor)

The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone 1961 (Movie)

Bunny (Actor)

Nowhere to Go 1958 (Movie)

Mrs Jefferson (Actor)

The Story of Esther Costello 1957 (Movie)

Matron in Art Gallery (Actor)

The Barefoot Contessa 1954 (Movie)

Mrs Eubanks (Actor)

Touch and Go 1954 (Movie)

Mrs Baxter (Actor)

The Magic Box 1950 (Movie)


Hollywood Revue of 1929 1929 (Movie)


The Matinee Idol 1927 (Movie)


Intolerance 1916 (Movie)

The Bride (Actor)

Acquitted (Movie)

Helen Carter (Actor)

Bulldog Courage (Movie)

Gloria Philips (Actor)

Conspiracy (TV Show)


Deserted at the Altar (Movie)

Anna Moore (Actor)

Ghost Patrol (Movie)


Good News (Movie)

Babe (Actor)

Mousey (TV Show)


Rubber Tires (Movie)

Mary Ellen Stock (Actor)

Soul-Fire (Movie)

Teita (Actor)

The Aryan (Movie)

Mary Jane Garth (Actor)

The Broadway Melody (Movie)

Hank Mahoney (Actor)

The Good Bad Man (Movie)

Amy (Actor)

The Idle Rich (Movie)

Helen Thayer (Actor)

They Learned About Women (Movie)

Mary Collins (Actor)

Village Blacksmith (Movie)

Rosemary Martin (Actor)


Patricia Pepper


William Hawks

brother of director Howard Hawks married 1929, divorced 1935


attended high school in Los Angeles, California



Moved to London