Best ‘Abbey Road’ Photo Tributes

The Beatles

Based on a sketch by Paul McCartney, the wordless front cover of The Beatles’ 11th studio album has become so iconic that its featured zebra crossing was recently given Grade II status for its cultural and historical importance. But alongside the thousands of fans who have flocked to the North London residential street to recreate the famous pose every year since its release in 1969, the Abbey Road artwork has also been imitated by everyone from Nickelodeon favorites Ren & Stimpy to New York rapper Chubb Rock. Here’s a look at five of the most impressive homages.

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney – Paul Is Live

Playfully toying with all the conspiracy theories which circulated following the release of Abbey Road, McCartney made it clear that the ‘Paul Is Dead’ rumour was nothing more than a shaggy dog story with this cover to his 1993 live album.

Kanye WestLate Orchestration

Kanye later compared himself to The Beatles on My Dark Beautiful Twisted Fantasy album track “Gorgeous.” But he first aligned himself with the Fab Four when Dropout Bear strolled towards Abbey Road Studios for the cover of 2006 live album, Late Orchestration.

The SimpsonsFOX

The Simpsons

From Homer’s Barbershop Quartet to Ned Flanders’ memorabilia collection, The Simpsons has always been chocked full of Beatles references, which made this tribute appearance on the cover of Rolling Stone in 2002 a no-brainer.

The Best Of Benny Hill

Benny HillThe Best Of

Taken shortly before his death in 1992, the world’s most famous skirt-chasing comedian decided to leave his Hill’s Angels behind and instead walked along the famous crossing on his own for the cover of his final hits collection.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili PeppersThe Abbey Road E.P.

Not content with replicating the original’s barefoot approach, Anthony Kiedis and co. opted to expose even more flesh when they visited the street with some strategically-placed tube socks for the cover of 1988’s The Abbey Road E.P.

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