23 Celebrities Looking Their Best on Their First Red Carpet

Before these stars were household names, they were just trying to start to launch their careers. They didn’t have these huge teams of stylists, makeup artists, and wardrobe consultants. And those times were great, because there were jeans worn on red carpets and it was as fabulous as it sounds. See these 23 celebrities on their very first red carpet!

Benedict Cumberbatch - 2004
Benedict Cumberbatch
Getty Images
In 2004, Benedict Cumberbatch was cool AF on his first red carpet. He looked just like your dad at your first ballet recital, ready to take pictures with his brand new camera, from a terrible angle that he planned to show everyone for the next 10 years. Good looks Benedict!
Tom Hardy - 2002
Tom Hardy
Getty Images
These days, Tom Hardy is a sex symbol that shuts down reporters when they ask dumb questions. But 13 years ago, he was still pretty hot and made some bold fashion choices with an untied bow tie.
Zac Efron - 2004
Zac Efron, 2004
Getty Images
Those eyebrows, that smirk, that blouse...yep, we knew Zac Efron was a heartbreaker in the making, even then.
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Anna Kendrick - 1998
Anna Kendrick, 1998
Getty Images
We've had a serious girl crush on Anna Kendrick for the last few years, so this picture is just extra adorable to us. Look at that hair! She was channeling her inner Hermione Granger.
Josh Hutcherson - 2002
Josh Hutcherson, 2002
Getty Images
In 2002, J Hutch was baby-faced and adorable as can be. It's not hard to believe he grew up to be such a looker!
Daniel Radcliffe - 2001
Daniel Radcliffe
Getty Images
This picture of Daniel Radcliffe on his first Harry Potter red carpet makes our hearts happy.
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Emma Watson - 2001
Emma Watson
Getty Images
14 years ago Emma Watson was just the cutest cutie on the HP carpet. These days, she's an angel, feminist queen, and an inspiration to us all.
Robert Pattinson - 2005
Robert Pattinson
Getty Images
Why doesn't Rob still wear velour suits on every red carpet now? We miss these days.
Kristen Stewart - 2002
Kristen Stewart
Getty Images
Back before she was dominating the red carpet for the Twilight saga, K-Stew first hit the carpet for her film Panic Room with Jodie Foster.
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Kim Kardashian - 1995
Kim Kardashian, 1995
Getty Images
Recognize this family reality star? Way before she took over E! and all of social media, Kim was just one member of the giant Kardashian bunch.
Taylor Swift - 2006
Taylor Swift, 2006
Getty Images
In 2006, T Swift first showed us her natural curls, though she hadn't done her signature hair flip quite yet. Bring the curls back Tay!
Ariana Grande - 2008
Ariana Grande
Getty Images
Can you believe that is Ariana Grande? In only 7 short years she's become a pop princess and compared to Queens like Mariah Carey and Britney Spears. But back in 2008 she was only just getting her start on Nickelodeon and thought a t-shirt was cool to wear on the red carpet.
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Justin Bieber - 2009
Justin Bieber, 2009
Getty Images
Did we blink and miss him growing up? This picture of the Biebs can't already be 6 years old!
Miley Cyrus - 2006
Miley Cyrus, 2006
Getty Images
Look at Smiley Miley! Back in 2006 (and basically until she left the Disney Channel) Miley was known for her wrap sweaters, just like this fuzzy blue one.
Beyonce - 1998
Getty Images
Back when there were four members of Destiny's Child, Bey hit the red carpet in this ensemble, rocking the most epic '90s lipstick we've ever seen.
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Rihanna - 2005
Rihanna, 2005
Getty Images
2005, 2015, 2025, we're pretty sure no matter the year, RiRi will always look amazing.
Calvin Harris - 2009
Calvin Harris, 2009
Getty Images
Yup. In 2009, only 6 years ago, Calvin Harris rocked these studded shades on his first red carpet.
Emma Stone - 2006
Emma Stone, 2006
Getty Images
Emma Stone's style may have evolved over the last 10 years, but she's still just as cute as she was back in '06.
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Blake Lively - 2005
Blake Lively, 2005
Getty Images
In the 10 years since her first red carpet, Blake Lively has upped her style game and become a fashion icon, especially wowing us with her pregnancy style in 2014.
Leonardo DiCaprio - 1989
Leonardo DiCaprio, 1989
Getty Images
Can we just use the heart-eyed emoji to describe this pic?!
Ryan Reynolds - 1999
Ryan Reynolds, 1999
Getty Images
We're not sure what we love most about this look. His hair? Yes. His opened button-up? We love that too. Or is it his "I'm really just too cool to be here" face? Yep. It's that.
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Ryan Gosling - 2001
Ryan Gosling, 2001
Getty Images
Since 2001, Ryan has obviously gotten a tailor and wardrobe team, but one thing has always stayed the same - those baby blues.
Bradley Cooper - 2001
Bradley Cooper, 2001
Getty Images
Whoa. We did not remember Bradley Cooper ever being that blonde. We're glad to see that's changed.