Bethenny Frankel Might Rejoin NYC Housewives

bethenny frankelShe probably won’t because she has a family and a skating career and skinny girl cocktails to create, but producers are well-aware of how Bethenny helped make The Real Housewives of NYC a fundamentally watchable enterprise. They’re hoping she’ll return to film six more episodes of the show (a task that is outside the terms of her contract), and they’re praying her love and respect for Bravo as a network will be the reason she decides to rejoin the show, and that she’ll forget how very impending a rant about the stigmata capabilities of white jellybeans that Kelly would deliver to her upon resurgence. Friends say Bethenny is just totally sick of all of them, and that “every time she thinks about going back into that toxic environment it makes her feel physically sick.” However, it’s curious to think in the time she signed off of The Real Housewives of NYC and signed on for Skating with the Stars that she’s become more particular in the projects that she chooses and has finally established some ground rules for herself.

Source: Popeater