Betty White Joins Twitter: 10 Tweets We  Hope To See

betty whiteThe day we’ve all been waiting for is finally here: Betty White has finally joined the wonderful world of Twitter! The legendary actress officially created her very own social media account on April 10, allowing her to grace us with her hilarious wit all day, every day (so long as it’s in 140 characters or less). That’s right, folks: #DreamsDoComeTrue.

White’s already garnered nearly 134,000 followers and her account hasn’t been active for a full 24 hours yet. (Is anyone else feeling significantly unpopular right now? No? Just me?)

So, as a way to celebrate this momentous occasion, we’ve decided to create the top ten things we hope the 90-year-old tweets:

 – “Hey everybody. Guess what? I’ll be hosting SNL again…I hope they’re ready for me.”

– “TGIF Who’s ready to get their drink on? #HelloHangover”

– “Just signed on to star in a Broadway version of Golden Girls. Click here for free tickets.”

– “Jamming out to some of my favorite tunes #GetLow”

– “That’s what she said.”

– “Couldn’t decide whether to host the Emmys or the Golden Globes, so I chose both.”

– “Who let the dogs out? This girl!”

– “Doctor just gave me a clean bill of heath. Apparently I’m going to live forever.”

– “Forget Team Edward and Team Jacob. I’m Team Clooney!”

– “What’s a Kardashian?”

Your move, Miss Betty — the Twitterverse is happy to have you!

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