Beverly Bernacki


Visual Effects & Animation (34)

Hardcore Henry 2016 (Movie)

(Mighty Coconut LLC) (Digital Artist)

Mortdecai 2015 (Movie)

(Zoic Studios) (Compositor)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier 2014 (Movie)

VFX Crew(Scanline VFX) (Visual Effects)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 (Movie)

(Industrial Light & Magic) (Digital Artist)

Life of Pi 2012 (Movie)

(Rhythm & Hues Studios) (Compositor)

Dream House 2011 (Movie)

Visual Effects Artist(Cosa Vfx) (Visual Effects)

Piranha 3-D 2010 (Movie)

(Gradient Effects) (Compositor)

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel 2009 (Movie)

Compositor(Rhythm & Hues Studios) (Digital Effects Artist)

Coraline 2009 (Movie)

Senior Compositor (Digital Effects Artist)

Land of the Lost 2009 (Movie)

Compositor(Rhythm & Hues Studios) (Digital Effects Artist)

State of Play 2009 (Movie)

Compositor(Rhythm & Hues Studios) (Compositing Supervisor)

Speed Racer 2008 (Movie)

Compositor (Digital Effects Artist)

The Golden Compass 2007 (Movie)

Compositor(Rhythm & Hues Studios) (Digital Effects Artist)

War 2007 (Movie)

Composite Artist(Pixel Magic) (Digital Effects Artist)

Deck The Halls 2006 (Movie)

(Pixel Magic) (Visual Effects)

Eight Below 2006 (Movie)

Compositor(SW Digital) (Digital Effects Artist)

Scary Movie 4 2006 (Movie)

Compositor(Cafe FX, Inc.) (Digital Effects Artist)

Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist 2005 (Movie)

(Digital Artist)

Two for the Money 2005 (Movie)

Digital Artist (Digital Effects Artist)

Exorcist: The Beginning 2004 (Movie)

Compositor (Digital Effects Artist)

The Punisher 2004 (Movie)

(Fantasy II Film Effects Inc) (Digital Effects Artist)

Peter Pan 2003 (Movie)

Digital Compositor(Digital Domain) (Digital Effects Artist)

Impostor 2002 (Movie)

compositor(Netter Digital/additional visual effects) (Visual Effects)

Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones 2002 (Movie)

(ILM) (Digital Effects Artist)

Driven 2001 (Movie)

Digital Artist (Digital Effects)

Frank Herbert's Dune 2000 - 2001 (TV Show)

Visual Effects

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back 2001 (Movie)

Digital Artist (Digital Effects Artist)

Bats 1999 (Movie)

lead compositor(Netter Digital Entertainment/visual effects designer) (Visual Effects)

Mystery Men 1999 (Movie)

compositor(Netter Digital Entertainment/additional compositing) (Visual Effects)

Starship Troopers 1997 (Movie)

pre-compositor(Sony Pictures Imageworks) (Visual Effects)

John Carpenter's Escape From L.A. 1996 (Movie)

gunfire animation & compositing(Available Light Limited) (Visual Effects)

Rush 1991 (Movie)

optical composites (Visual Effects)

A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child 1989 (Movie)

VCE Optical Effects(Visual Concept Engineering) (Titles and Opticals)

Alien Cargo (TV Show)

Visual Effects
Executive (5)

Bordello of Blood 1996 (Movie)

optical supervisor (Supervisor)

Destiny Turns on the Radio 1995 (Movie)

optical supervisor (Supervisor)

Tales From the Crypt Presents Demon Knight 1995 (Movie)

optical supervisor (Supervisor)

Man's Best Friend 1993 (Movie)

optical supervisor (Supervisor)

Honey, I Blew Up the Kid 1992 (Movie)

optical supervisor(Available Light Ltd) (Supervisor)
Actor (1)

Water and Power 1991 (Movie)

Beverly Bernacki (Actor)
Other (16)

Happy Gilmore 1996 (Movie)

optical (Other)

Mortal Kombat 1995 (Movie)

Optical Printing (Other)

Tank Girl 1995 (Movie)

optical (Other)

Vampire in Brooklyn 1995 (Movie)

optical printing (Other)

Stargate 1994 (Movie)

optical printing(Available Light Limited) (Other)

Demolition Man 1993 (Movie)

optical printing(Available Light Ltd) (Other)

Heart and Souls 1993 (Movie)

optical printing(Available Light Ltd) (Other)

MGM: When the Lion Roars 1991 - 1992 (TV Show)


The Runestone 1992 (Movie)

optical (Other)

Ghost 1990 (Movie)

opticals(Available Light) (Other)

After Midnight 1989 (Movie)

optical effects(VCE) (Other)

Ghostbusters II 1989 (Movie)

optical effects(VCE) (Other)

Beetlejuice 1988 (Movie)

optical effects(VCE) (Other)

Robocop 1987 (Movie)

optical effects(VCE crew) (Other)

The Wraith 1986 (Movie)

optical effects(VCE) (Other)