Beyonce Wants Blue Ivy to Be a Big Sister, Says ‘I Would Like More Children’


Naysayers be damned — 2012 did indeed mark the ushering in of a new realm of human existence, shifting the world one January morning with the momentous birth of Blue Ivy Carter. Yes, we remember quite vividly the day we welcomed the offspring of Beyoncé Knowles and Jay-Z into our society, celebrating the amalgam of two of our nation’s most beloved artists and entrepreneurs in the form of a 7-pound, oddly-named demigod. And although we couldn’t possibly conceive of an era with two Blue Ivys (all that power could be dangerous), it seems as though Beyoncé is strongly considering giving her daughter a little brother or sister soon.

Beyoncé spoke with ABC News about her forthcoming animated movie Epic, speaking on her desire to expand her and husband Shawn Carter’s family. “I would like more children,” Beyoncé says in the video below. “I think my daughter needs some company. I definitely loved being a big sister,” referring to her relationship with younger sister, singer Solange Knowles. Of course, Beyoncé is hesitant to commit to these plans just yet, telling viewers that she will explore the option “at some point. When it’s supposed to happen.”

So when do you think we’ll see the latest addition to the Carter clan? And from what color/plantlife combination will the proud parents borrow his or her name? We’re thinking “Chartreuse Moosewood.”

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