Beyonce, We Love You, But What Is Happening in This Ad? — PIC

Beyonce Mrs. Carter World Tour Pepsi Poster

Let me open by professing my undying love for Beyoncé. If it wouldn’t start complete and utter chaos in my family, I’d consider declaring the goddess who walks among us my religion. I refused to let anyone utter a single peep while viewing her HBO documentary Life is But a Dream, because it might ruin the illusion that she was speaking only to me. So, it is with the greatest respect (and absolutely no bitterness over how impossible it is to get tickets to her sold-out Mrs. Carter World Tour) that I announce this: Bey, this mega-blonde look is not working for you. 

It’s a little brassy and more than a little washed out, and Miss Girls Run the World is striking a seriously bimbo-esque pose. Where is your fierceness, your “WE RUN THIS MOTHER, YEAH” face, B? We know you’re gorgeous, but we follow you blindly because you are one badass lady, not because you’re good at being a bubblegum idol. 

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Queen B posted this new image highlighting her partnership with Pepsi for her world tour, and while our girl still looks a-mah-zing, I do have to question the logic behind the look. 

Do you like Beyoncé’s look?

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