Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Cuba Adventure Was Totally Not Against the Rules

Credit: Ramon Espinosa/AP Photo

Going against everything you understood to be the case in middle school, it’s actually apparently way cooler to do things within the confines of an authoritative party’s consent. Beyoncé and Jay-Z, voted Most Popular in the junior high yearbook that is American show business, were admonished by many for an allegedly unauthorized trip to Cuba — which, in case you’ve obtained all your education from your senile grandfather’s anecdotes about the Hoover era, is a place we’re totally still not allowed to visit, inscrutably. But there are exceptions: Reuters reports that the Carters’ voyage was fully licensed by the United States government, operating under the stipulations of America’s embargo on our neighbor to the south.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s fifth wedding anniversary, celebrated in Havana, met one of the three requirements for an American’s trip to Cuba: the trip has to serve academic, religious, or cultural purposes, the latter being the stamp of approval earned by the musical pair.

So how, exactly, did Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s beachside trip warrant denotation as a cultural excavation? Is it simply considered an act of charity for Beyoncé to sully herself by gracing the presence of we mere mortals? Did Jay-Z institute during his trip to Cuba an ad-hoc program teaching youths how to transform their streetwise moxy into a multi-million dollar enterprise? Did they at least sing to people?

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[Photo Credit: Ramon Espinosa/AP Photo]

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