In Case You Ever Win the Lottery, Here’s How to Vacation Like...

In Case You Ever Win the Lottery, Here’s How to Vacation Like Beyonce — PICS

Beyonce, vacation
Beyonce, vacation

Beyonce, vacationiamBeyonce/Tumblr

Now that Labor Day has officially come and gone and summer is on its way out, we must put aside our dreams of relaxing, sun-filled vacations and instead settle back into our work routines. Today, Beyoncé has made it even harder to let go of those dreams by posting pictures of her European vacation on her Tumblr account. Like everything Queen Bey does, her vacation was perfect and sure to make all of the hours you spent stuck in traffic with your family seem even worse by comparison.

But rather than stew in jealousy, why not instead take some notes from Ms. Knowles Carter so that your next trip can be just as fierce. After all, someone’s gotta win the lottery. 

First, hire a yacht so you can travel in luxury.

Beyonce, vacationiamBeyonce/Tumblr

Bey and Jay‘s was reportedly three stories. Sure, you could fly to your exotic destination, but a yacht combines all of the luxury of a five star hotel with the adventure of the open water. Plus, it really gives you that “music superstar” feeling. 

Next, be sure to take time for yourself.  

Beyonce, vacationiamBeyonce/Tumblr

No matter what your job or stresses are, a vacation is the perfect time to relax and get away from everything. And with your private yacht, you’ll be able to swim without having to worry about getting caught in the middle of someone’s paddle ball game.

Enjoy the little moments. 

Beyonce, vacation, Jay-ziamBeyonce/Tumblr

If there’s one thing Beyonce knows, it’s that it’s important to enjoy the time you have with your loved ones, and watching the sunset is the perfect opportunity to do so. That, and the lighting is fabulous. 

Treat yourself. 

Beyonce, vacationiamBeyonce/Tumblr

Nothing goes better with a beautiful sunset than champagne, so grab a glass and cuddle up to your superstar husband. So much nicer than a rowdy game of beer pong, no?

Finally, bask in the glow of your fabulousness. 

Beyonce, vacationiamBeyonce/Tumblr

It really is the most important step to doing anything like Beyonce. 

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