Beyoncé Releases New Music: Unfortunately, ‘Rise Up’ Is A Letdown

Beyoncé Releases New Music: Unfortunately, ‘Rise Up’ Is A Letdown

Epic, Beyonce Knowles

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Queen Bey not only plays Queen Tara in the animated family-fun flick Epic, but she also lends her vocals to the soundtrack for the movie. Beyoncé‘s song “Rise Up,” was cowritten by Sia (the mastermind behind “Bulletproof”) and produced by Hit-Boy (“Ni**as in Paris,” “Clique”).

But before you get too excited by the existence of a new Beyoncé jam, calm yourself down and actually take a listen. 

Well, it’s no “Countdown.” Heck, it’s not even really up to the standards of the newly-released “Grown Woman.”  Bey’s dynamic voice is overpowered by a snoozefest-infused track. 

But hey, at least have some new Beyoncé to jive to. Right? So we should be somewhat grateful… I suppose. Hopefully it can hold us over until Beyoncé releases some bootylicious new tunes we can actually jam out to. In the meantime, I’ll be playing “Grown Woman” on repeat…

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