Beyonce Cancels Concert, Is Probably Pregnant After All

Credit: Yosra El-Essawy/Invision/AP Images

Bow down, b**ches. Beyoncé has most likely been shaking her thang and running the world, all the while with a little sibling for Blue Ivy in her golden womb. As much as we hate to eat our words, it’s really starting to appear that Bey is pregnant with baby number two. 

At first, the evidence was rather scant, and somewhat ridiculous. A wavering shadow in a fan’s concert video from London “proved” Queen B had a bit of a belly protrusion. That her gown at the Met Gala had a high-waisted belt (one of her go-to silhouettes) was a sure sign that she had a baby bump to hide. Then, her rule about only allowing her own photographers at her concerts was pulled back up from the depths as evidence, though that was clearly to prevent more Hulk-like images from hitting the Internet. But now, Bey has canceled her concert in Belgium due to “exhaustion and hydration,” according to the AP.  

That’s classic celeb-speak for “I’m pregnant, but I’m not going to confirm it until the baby bump starts inhibiting my dance moves.” was unable to obtain comment from Beyoncé’s reps regarding her potentially joyous personal news, but the chips are certainly starting to fall: Bey mentions a second baby, Bey starts wearing her belts up high, then Bey cancels her concert. If she isn’t pregnant, than I’m starting to get worried. Beyoncé has never been one to slow down on a tour. 

So, while the official word is that there’s no confirmation of Beyoncé’s second pregnancy, it’s really starting to look like Blue Ivy will be a big sister before too long. However, the next (and somewhat selfish) question becomes: if the rumors are true, what will become of the next few months of her tour?

Here’s the video of the purple jump suit that started it all:

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