Beyonce’s Super Bowl Set List Is Mostly Destiny’s Child and That’s Not Okay


Beyonce is ready to make us all forget about her unfortunate Inauguration lip-sync situation by reuniting with her former girl group Destiny’s Child for the Super Bowl halftime show on Feb. 3 in New Orleans. To be fair, this was planned way in advance of the Inauguration controversy, but still, there’s nothing like a nostalgic reunion for Queen Bey to pour some brain bleach on her formerly adoring public and reclaim her place as the other First Lady of the United States. She didn’t get to where she is today by lip-syncing!

Unfortunately, the alleged set list for the halftime show that just leaked features way more Destiny’s Child than anyone needs in the year 2013. Us Weekly reports that Beyonce will perform her solo hit “Crazy in Love” to kick off the show before bringing in her DC bandmates. Kelly Rowland, 31, and Michelle Williams, 32, will join her to sing a medley of their biggest hits, starting with “Bills, Bills, Bills” (which technically didn’t include Michelle but we’ll let that slide) before segueing into “Survivor” and ending with the group’s new track, “Nuclear.”

Now, there’s nothing wrong with a little Destiny’s Child reunion. In fact, there are many things that are right with a Destiny’s Child reunion, aside from the fact that over the past 14 years “Bills, Bills, Bills” has become an insufferable earworm that won’t dislodge no matter how hard you try. Just when you think you’ve finally achieved relief — bam! Can you pay my billlllls? No! I won’t! Stop asking!

But here’s the real problem: ONE true Beyonce song?! Three quarters of the set list is Destiny’s Child and that is not okay — there’s a reason Beyonce’s career is legendary. DC is just a nostalgic reminder of what songs in the ’90s sounded like. Let’s flip that ratio around, shall we? Give DC one song — they are only guests on the stage, after all, Beyonce is the halftime performer! — and let Queen Bey do her thang the rest of the time. Then we will be perfectly content. Hell, we’re even okay with the girls lip-syncing the entire halftime show while wearing some fly matching House of Dereon outfits as long as Bey gets her solo on. (But please, we beg you, cool it with the “Bills, Bills Bills!”)

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