Beyonce’s Ban on Unflattering Photos Isn’t Working Out

Remember when Beyoncé‘s publicist asked BuzzFeed to remove “unflattering” photos of the superstar and then, deciding Beyoncé’s flawless reputation was still at risk, went on to ban all photography from Bey’s Mrs. Carter World Tour for fear that new less-than-perfect shots would find their way onto the Internet? Well, it seems that plan isn’t working out so well. 

On Tuesday, following Beyoncé’s second show in Los Angeles, a whole smattering of glorious photos of which we are sure Bey and her publicist would not approve surfaced. And they are a sight to behold indeed. Enjoy!

The Ostrich in Heat
Credit: Ronin 47/Golden Eye/Splash News 

The Unsatisfied Lover
Credit: Ronin 47/Golden Eye/Splash News 

The Atomic Wedgie
Credit: Ronin 47/Golden Eye/Splash News 

And my personal favorite…

The Blerrrrgh
Credit: Ronin 47/Golden Eye/Splash News 

Keep on keepin’ on, Queen Bey. This is some fantastic stuff. 

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