Bieber Incites Riot, Could Be Arrested For Leaving His Room

Justin BieberI know you’re probably still mad at your parents for sending you to your room during that N’Sync TV special or that one episode of Sabrina The Teenage Witch when Britney Spears teaches Sabrina how to dance, but it’s time to get over it. There are people with real problems. Like Justin Bieber. His English fans love him so much that they’ve started a full-on street riot outside his hotel in Liverpool and if he so much as pokes his head out of his hotel room, he could face arrest. You read that right. The Biebs could get arrested, as in thrown in the clink, for being TOO POPULAR. Life is ROUGH when you’re a 17 year old phenomenon. I’m sure being cooped up in that luxurious suite surrounded by body guards and plenty of amenities is like, such a drag.

According to his Twitter, he’s managed to find some way around the police commands. He says, “that was great! got to say hi to everyone. we are following the rules. lol.” Truly, the words of a future diplomat. Still, his planned historic Beatles tour around their hometown was shelved and he’s stuck inside because this is blocking the entrance to the hotel. You know what? I don’t feel bad for Bieber. I feel bad for the family from Illinois who saved for years for a trip to England so they could visit all the historic Beatley sights who are stuck inside their hotel because some kid with a lesbian haircut has created a riot with his mere presence. On that note: teenage girls are TERRIFYING.

Source: Twitter, THR