Billy Sherrill

Born: 05/11/1936 in Phil Campbell, Arizona, USA


Music (14)

Unfinished Song 2013 (Movie)

("The Most Beautiful Girl") (Song)

RV 2006 (Movie)

("Stand By Your Man") (Song)

All or Nothing 2002 (Movie)

("Stand By Your Man") (Song)

Girls' Night 1997 (Movie)

("Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad") (Song)

Four Weddings and A Funeral 1994 (Movie)

("Stand By Your Man") (Song)

So I Married An Axe Murderer 1993 (Movie)

songs("The Most Beautiful Girl" "Stand By Your Man") (Song)

My Cousin Vinny 1992 (Movie)

("Stand By Your Man") (Song)

Thelma & Louise 1991 (Movie)

("I Don't Wanna Play House") (Song)

Take This Job and Shove It 1981 (Movie)


Take This Job and Shove It 1981 (Movie)

(Music Producer)

Love and Bullets 1979 (Movie)

("Stand By Your Man") (Song)

Run, Angel, Run 1969 (Movie)

title song (Song)

The Baron and the Kid (TV Show)




Produced Elvis Costello's Almost Blue, one of the first punk/country crossover records


Co-produced George Jones' "He Stopped Loving Her Today" 


Co-wrote and produced Tammy Wynette's classic county ballad "Stand By Your Man" 


Co-wrote David Houston's "Livin' in a House Full of Love"

Bonus Trivia


Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash starred in "The Baron and the Kid," a 1984 TV movie based on a song co-written by Sherrill that Cash had recorded.


Sherrill was a key figure in the 1960s growth of "countrypolitan," a mixture of traditional country music and slick pop production that often featured lush orchestral arrangements.


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