Jane Barrett

Credits: Copycat BIRTHDATE| 05/06/1923

Jimmy Ruffin

Credits: Breakfast on Pluto BIRTHDATE| 05/07/1936

John Fleck

An openly gay performance artist, Fleck was noted for covering the stage and himself in refuse and clutter while making pointed political and social commentary on everything from racial intolerance to sexual discrimination. While he may have been a familiar face from his numerous guest appearances on TV series (from "Hooperman" to "Seinfeld" to "L.A. Law"), the tall, dark-haired Fleck gained...

John Irvin

John Irvin
A competent technician whose work has ranged from military action features ("The Dogs of War" 1980) to finely observed character studies ("Turtle Diary" 1985). Irvin began his career as an assistant director with British Transport Films. After shooting shorts and documentaries for a number of years and working extensively for English TV, Irvin broke through to American audience with the serialized...