Susan Atkins

Credits: Blonde Fist, Manson BIRTHDATE| 05/07/1948

Taylor Abrahamse

Credits: Doc, Inside the Osmonds BIRTHDATE| 05/07/1991

Thelma Houston

A soulful vocalist with a slow-boiling delivery nurtured from singing gospel in her youth, R&B artist Thelma Houston enjoyed one of the biggest hits of the disco era with her heartfelt 1976 song "Don't Leave Me This Way. " The song largely defined her career, which experienced more ups than downs over the course of four decades. But if Houston was disheartened by her lack of additional chart...

Tim Russert

Tim Russert
Perhaps no other news broadcaster in television history exemplified both toughness and fairness than Tim Russert. For almost two decades, Russert grilled interview subjects on his weekly show, "Meet the Press" (NBC, 1952- ), which became the model by which all other political interview shows followed. With a tenacity and preparedness unequaled by any in the business, Russert took to task...

Traci Lords

Traci Lords
No matter what path actress Traci Lords attempted when her career finally came to an end, she would for better or for worse be remembered for being one of the most famous and successful - not to mention underage - adult film stars in history, having done roughly 100 XXX-rated movies while under the age of 18. Since that unfortunate time, when the scandal of her being too young for porn rocked the...

Val Lewton

Versatile and prolific writer of novels, nonfiction and poetry who entered film as a protege of David O. Selznick in the early 1930s. Lewton went on to produce a number of stylish, low-budget horror films for RKO, notably the atmospheric "Cat People" (1942), the engagingly macabre "I Walked With A Zombie" (1943) and the chilling "Bedlam" (1946).

Virginia Pearson

Credits: The Phantom of the Opera BIRTHDATE| 05/07/1888