Alice Trillin

Credits: Cancer: A Family Matter BIRTHDATE| 05/08/1938

Beth Henley

An acclaimed playwright and screenwriter, the Mississippi-raised Henley attended Southern Methodist University with the intention of pursuing an acting career. While still an undergraduate, she had her first one-act play "Am I Blue", produced. After a brief sojourn at the University of Illinois, Henley moved to L.A. to pursue an acting career. As roles were scarce, she turned to writing, producing...

Bill Cowher

Bill Cowher
Bill Cowher was one of the most respected head coaches in NFL history, piloting the venerable Pittsburgh Steelers from 1992 until 2007 and winning Super Bowl XL. Cowher had a brief career playing football for the Philadelphia Eagles and Cleveland Browns, primarily on special teams. His knowledge and leadership made him keenly suited for a move to the sidelines and he became an assistant coach with...

Bob Clampett

One of the most prominent figures in the golden era of Warner Bros. animation, Bob Clampett made innumerable contributions to the landscape of the American cartoon. Raised in Hollywood, Clampett's love of art and film soon led him to WB, where he began as an in-betweener on the studio's "Merrie Melodies" series under producer Leon Schlesinger in 1931. During his tenure, he quickly rose in the...

Carmen Matthews

Credits: Daniel, The Doctors, Butterfield 8 BIRTHDATE| 05/08/1918

Claire Anderson

Credits: Who Cares BIRTHDATE| 05/08/1895