Andre de Toth

Andre de Toth
Born and raised in Hungary, Andre de Toth came to the USA in the 1940s and became established as a workmanlike director whose films, notably his Westerns and films noir, were later hailed for their moody, psychological aspects. A genuinely colorful character, the one-eyed helmer has proven evasive in interviews, particularly in relation to his early life and career and his marriage to screen siren...

Andrew Joiner

Credits: Civic Duty, Civic Duty BIRTHDATE| 05/15/1970

Anny Ondra

Credits: Blackmail BIRTHDATE| 05/15/1903

Anthony Shaffer

A leading British playwright and screenwriter noted for his elaborate plots, Shaffer is perhaps best remembered for "Sleuth" (1972), adapted from his Tony-winning play and starring Michael Caine and Laurence Olivier. <p>After receiving his degree from Cambridge, Shaffer and his twin brother Peter co-authored two novels under the pseudonym Peter Anthony before each carved out a niche on stage...


Elegant, husky-voiced French star of the 1930s and 40s, remembered for her roles in four classics of poetic realism: "Hotel du Nord" (1938), "Daybreak" (1939), "The Devil's Envoys" (1942) and "Children of Paradise" (1945). With her striking features and aloof, mysterious air, Arletty was a kind of French Marlene Dietrich. In the 50s she divided her career between the stage and film until an...

Bill Williams

Bill Williams
Blond stalwart of film and TV. Williams' all-American good looks usually led to him being cast in good-guy leads or second leads, sometimes opposite wife Barbara Hale. RKO groomed the boyish actor for stardom in the immediate postwar period, but despite the popular and critical success of "Till the End of Time" (1946), a story of returning WWII veterans, Williams was soon playing in modestly...