Lolita Davidovich

Lolita Davidovich
Following a string of bit roles in a number of feature films, actress Lolita Davidovich delivered a breakout performance as a burlesque stripper in "Blaze" (1989), a commercial failure that nonetheless introduced her to future husband, director Ron Shelton. After replacing a stricken Elizabeth Perkins in the romantic comedy "The Object of Beauty" (1991), Davidovich made an appearance in "JFK"...

Nina Van Pallandt

This striking actress is best known for her roles in the films of Robert Altman. A folk singer who toured Europe with fellow performer Baron Frederik Van Pallandt (to whom she was later married for a period), the Danish-born Van Pallandt made her film debut in Altman's neo-film noir "The Long Goodbye" (1973). She has played leads in a handful of obscure international films and contributed offbeat...

Paul Gold

Credits: Gang Related BIRTHDATE| 07/15/1969

Raymond Hackett

Credits: Our Blushing Brides BIRTHDATE| 07/15/1902

Robert C Mandel

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Satsuo Yamamoto

Former student activist and stage talent whose film directing career (his first success was 1938's "La Symphonie pastorale" 1938) was interrupted when he was drafted into WWII. In the post-war years Yamamoto came into his own as one of Japan's leading political directors, with a series of engaging left-wing exercises, notably "The Street Without Sun" (1953).
Credits: Ah! Nomugi Toge, Senso to Ningen, Vietnam, Vietnam BIRTHDATE| 07/15/1910