Alex David

Credits: Charlotte Sometimes BIRTHDATE| 07/20/1972

Alexei Gherman

Celebrated Soviet director who gained international attention with his controversial 1982 film "My Friend Ivan Lapshin" (released in the US in 1987).

Arthur M Eisenson

Credits: Beggarman, Thief BIRTHDATE| 07/20/1942

Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui
A prolific voice-over actor, Carlos Alazraqui has been involved in a multitude of animated productions. An Argentine-American who began performing stand-up comedy in his youth, Alazraqui got his voice-acting career off the ground when he was selected to portray the title character on the animated show "Rocko's Modern Life" (Nickelodeon, 1993-96). During the late 1990s, he also snagged the...

Charlie Korsmo

Charlie Korsmo at the Loser premiere
As a child, Charlie Korsmo made an auspicious start as an actor, playing Jessica Lange's troubled younger son in the drama "Men Don't Leave" (1990). Later that year, he was well-cast as the precocious street urchin known simply as 'The Kid' in Warren Beatty's big-budget "Dick Tracy". In 1991, Korsmo appeared as the offspring of leading actors in films of varying quality: Richard Dreyfuss'...

Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell
One of the most powerful singers of the grunge movement in the early 1990s, Chris Cornell's fiery vocals helped to make Soundgarden one of music's biggest success stories. His stage presence - long haired, bare chested and brooding - suggested a revival of the '70s and '80s "rock god" persona adopted by many hard rock and metal acts, but Cornell proved a more versatile and thoughtful performer and...

Cormac McCarthy

One of the literary giants of the 20th century and beyond, Cormac McCarthy lived something of a hermetic existence while writing dense, but sparsely populated prose that was often compared to William Faulkner, James Joyce and Ernest Hemingway. Posing a nightmarish vision steeped in biblical violence, McCarthy wrote bleak novels of life and death populated by social outcasts and unrelenting misfits...

Corrine Chateau

Credits: Game of Survival, Witchfire BIRTHDATE| 07/20/1950