Adrienne Ames

Credits: Slander House, You're Telling Me BIRTHDATE| 08/03/1907

Alexander Trauner

Renowned, influential art director, a key figure of the French "poetic realism" movement which began in the mid-1930s. Trauner apprenticed under Lazare Meerson and worked with director Rene Clair on his famous early sound musical comedies, notably the satire of industrialization in the city, "A Nous la Liberte" (1931). Trauner espoused a studio-bound aesthetic, producing textured, finely detailed...

Andrew G Cahn

Credits: If These Walls Could Talk BIRTHDATE| 08/03/1964

Cecile Aubry

Credits: Manon BIRTHDATE| 08/03/1929

Dolores Del Rio

Easily one of the most beautiful women of her era and one of the most gorgeous people ever to make it to the ranks of film stardom. Del Rio's career in the 1920s and 30s unfortunately suffered from too many exotic, two-dimensional roles designed with Hollywood's cliched ideas of ethnic minorities in mind. Her best-remembered film from this period is "Flying Down to Rio" (1933), which partnered...

Elliot Silverstein

Elliot Silverstein directed numerous TV productions and scored with his second feature, the Western spoof, "Cat Ballou" (1965), that featured an uncharacteristically humorous dual Oscar-winning performance by Lee Marvin. The director's most notable subsequent film was the lively Richard Harris vehicle, "A Man Called Horse" (1970).