Alexander Trauner

Renowned, influential art director, a key figure of the French "poetic realism" movement which began in the mid-1930s. Trauner apprenticed under Lazare Meerson and worked with director Rene Clair on his famous early sound musical comedies, notably the satire of industrialization in the city, "A Nous la Liberte" (1931). Trauner espoused a studio-bound aesthetic, producing textured, finely detailed...

John H Auer

Former child actor who gained attention as a director in Mexico. From the mid-1930s until the late 50s Auer turned out a bevy of middling films, almost exclusively for Republic and RKO. Among Auer's better-remembered films are "Gangway for Tomorrow" (1943) and "City That Never Sleeps" (1953).