Daniel Mandell

Veteran, award-winning Hollywood editor, known primarily for his work on films by William Wyler and Billy Wilder.

David E Rose

Former studio executive turned producer who began his career as the manager of Douglas Fairbanks. Rose produced a number of undistinguished British genre films in the 1950s and 1960s including "Island of Desire" (1952) with Linda Darnell and Tab Hunter; "Sea Devils" (1953) with Yvonne De Carlo and Rock Hudson; "Doctor Blood's Coffin" (1960); and Ray Milland's "Hostile Witness" (1968).

Donald Ogden Stewart

Novelist, playwright and stage actor who adapted the play "Brown of Harvard" to the screen in 1926. Stewart arrived in Hollywood in 1930 and began turning out scripts noted for their polish and satirical wit, particularly the sophisticated costume drama, "The Prisoner of Zenda" (1937), and the swank romantic comedy, "The Philadelphia Story" (1940). He joined the Hollywood Anti-Nazi league and...

Sig Arno

Popular stage and screen comic player of pre-Hitler Germany. In the Hollywood from the late 1930s, Arno played character parts in comedies.