Lina Montes

Credits: Mexicanos Al Grito De Guerra BIRTHDATE| 11/30/1923

Lionel Rogosin

A social documentarian whose subjects have included the dispossessed of New York ("On the Bowery" 1956) and South Africa ("Come Back Africa" 1959), Rogosin was the original owner of the now defunct and much-missed Bleecker Street Theater in Greenwich Village, New York.

Lloyd Turner

Veteran TV writer who began his career in the Warner Bros. animation department, collaborating with Bill Scott on a series of frantically funny shorts directed by Arthur Davis. Turner/Scott collaborations included "Doggone Cats" (1947), "What Makes Daffy Duck?", "The Stupor Salesman" and "A Hick, a Slick, and a Chick" (all 1948).

Shifting to TV, Turner collaborated with producer-animator Jay...

Robert Frank

An independent filmmaker, in the USA from 1947, Frank was a magazine photographer before publishing "The Americans", a collection of his own work, in 1958. The next year he made his best-known excursion into cinema with "Pull My Daisy", a short, free adaptation of a portion of Jack Kerouac's play "The Beat Generation". He was subsequently labeled a member of the American "underground," though this...