Angelique Pettyjohn

Voluptuous, usually blonde, actress who began her career with decorative roles in such films as the Elvis Presley vehicle, "Clambake" (1967), and attracted some attention for her role as Agent Charlie, a male colleague of CONTROL agent Maxwell Smart (Don Adams), seen only in "female" drag, on TV's "Get Smart". During this period Pettyjohn also played the role for which she is best remembered, a...

Carol Abrams

Credits: Second Honeymoon, Two Against Time BIRTHDATE| 11/30/1942

Chuck McClain

Credits: Armed and Innocent BIRTHDATE| 11/30/1942

Edward R. Pressman

Began his career in England in partnership with director Paul Williams and has since produced a wide range of films which have introduced unknown or unproven talents to American audiences. Pressman produced the early Brian De Palma feature, "Sisters" (1972), Terrence Malick's acclaimed debut, "Badlands" (1973), R.W. Fassbinder's first English-language film, "Despair" (1978), and three Oliver Stone...

Francois Dompierre

The winner of two Genies (the Canadian Oscar) for his work on Jean Beaudin's "Mario" (1984) and "Le Matou" (1985), Dompierre is best known outside Canada for scoring Denys Arcand's "The Decline of the American Empire" (1985) and "Jesus of Montreal" (1989).

General Johnson

Credits: Because I Said So BIRTHDATE| 11/30/1942