Anneka DiLorenzo

Credits: Messalina, Messalina BIRTHDATE| 11/30/1951

Bill Sherwood

Bill Sherwood only made one full-length independent feature, yet "Parting Glances" (1986) stands as the first film to deal with the effects of the AIDS crisis on the gay community and one that treated the subject of homosexuality matter-of-factly, not as tragedy or for comic relief. The basic theme of the film is friendship and its related joys and pains.

Born in Washington, DC in the early...

Bo Welch

Bo Welch
Bo Welch has become established as one of the most gifted and versatile production designers in contemporary cinema. He has forged significant collaborations with a number of top directors, earning four Oscar nominations along the way and earning his own turns behind the camera.

Bonnie Turner

Working closely with husband and creative partner Terry Turner since the mid-1970s, writer, producer and TV series creator Bonnie Turner has made a name for herself in the industry with extensive film and television comedy credits. The pair began their career as a comedy writing team penning revue shows in Atlanta, Georgia in 1975. They subsequently did award-winning news writing and producing...

Charles Melniker

Credits: Wednesday's Child BIRTHDATE| 11/30/1951

Chris Albrecht

Credits: Borgia, Rome, The Bronx Boys BIRTHDATE| 11/30/1951

Christopher Doyle

Able to create smooth, flowing images onscreen in stark contrast to his kinetic nature, cinematographer Christopher Doyle has throughout his career shot some of the most memorable films in recent cinema history. His incessantly moving camera and manipulation of light, color and shadow mirrored a dynamic personality that ceased to rest even while having beer for breakfast (his hard-drinking...

Colin Callender

Colin Callender
A pioneering producer in the cable industry, British-born Colin Callender was instrumental in solidifying HBO's reputation for producing superior original programming. Under his auspices, such acclaimed and award-winning projects as "Tidy Endings" (1988), "Age-Old Friends" (1989), "Hostages" (1993) and "Miss Evers' Boys" (1997) reached the screen.

Dennis Courtney

Credits: Ron White: You Can't Fix Stupid BIRTHDATE| 11/30/1951

Dominique Laffin

Star of Jacques Doillon's "La Femme Qui Pleure" (1978), her career was cut short by a fatal heartattack.

Ernest Dickerson

Ernest Dickerson
Gifted African American cinematographer who established himself on financially modest but artistically ambitious independent features before shifting to major motion pictures as a d. p. and genre films as a director. Dickerson became known as the ace director of photography for fellow NYU alumnus Spike Lee. His vibrant painterly camerawork enhanced Lee's student film "Joe's Bed-Stuy Barbershop: We...