Songwriter, Composer, Actor
A quirky chanteuse and songwriter who segued successfully from punk rock bands to a post-modern electronica solo career, dark-haired pixiesh Bjork emerged as Iceland's best known export beginning with the sweeping ... Read more »
Born: 11/20/1965 in Iceland


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Björk: Biophilia Live 2014 (Movie)

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Sleepless Nights Stories 2011 (Movie)

Herself (Actor)

Anna and the Moods 2007 (Movie)

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Glastonbury 2007 (Movie)


Drawing Restraint 9 2006 (Movie)


Matthew Barney: No Restraint 2006 (Movie)

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Arakimentari 2005 (Movie)

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Screaming Masterpiece 2004 (Movie)

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The Orange British Academy Film Awards 2001 - 2002 (TV Show)


The 73rd Annual Academy Awards 2000 - 2001 (TV Show)


Dancer in the Dark 2000 (Movie)

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ABC in Concert 1990 - 1998 (TV Show)


Free Tibet 1998 (Movie)

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The 1997 MTV Europe Music Awards 1997 - 1998 (TV Show)


The X-Files Movie Special 1997 - 1998 (TV Show)


Halloween Jam IV 1995 - 1996 (TV Show)


The 1994 MTV Video Music Awards 1994 - 1995 (TV Show)


The Juniper Tree 1989 (Movie)

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Rock in Reykjavik 1981 (Movie)

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Arbitrage 2012 (Movie)

("I See Who You Are") (Song Performer)

Arbitrage 2012 (Movie)

("I See Who You Are") (Song)

Sucker Punch 2011 (Movie)

("Army Of Me") (Song Performer)

Sucker Punch 2011 (Movie)

("Army Of Me") (Song)

Moomins and the Comet Chase 2010 (Movie)

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Drawing Restraint 9 2006 (Movie)


The Sea 2003 (Movie)

("Pluto") (Song)

Black and White 2000 (Movie)

("Bachlorette") (Song)

Being John Malkovich 1999 (Movie)


Stigmata 1999 (Movie)

("All Is Full of Love") (Song Performer)

Stigmata 1999 (Movie)

("All Is Full of Love") (Song)

Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train 1999 (Movie)

("All is Full of Love) (Song Performer)

She's So Lovely 1997 (Movie)

("It's Oh So Quiet") (Song Performer)


A quirky chanteuse and songwriter who segued successfully from punk rock bands to a post-modern electronica solo career, dark-haired pixiesh Bjork emerged as Iceland's best known export beginning with the sweeping underground success of her band Sugarcubes in 1988. By 2000 the at once childlike and seductive performer had not only conquered the music industry with her inimitable vocal style and disjointed songwriting but had moved into acting, winning the Best Actress prize at the Cannes Film Festival for her work in Lars von Trier's period musical "Dancer in the Dark".



born in 1966 in England at one time planned to marry


born in 1964 in England

Saevarn Arnasson

collaborated with Bjork on her debut album in 1977 divorced from Bjork's mother c. 1980 lent his guitar talents to Bjork's recordings

Howie B


Matthew Barney

became involved in 2001

Arnar Gudmundsson


Gudmundur Gunnarsson

divorced Bjork's mother c. 1967 remarried

Hildur Hauksdottir

divorced Bjork's father c. 1967 remarried divorced from second husband Saevarn Arnasson c. 1980

Inga Hronn


Oskar Jonasson

directed Sugarcubes videos

Por Jonsson

member of band Sugarcubes father of Sidri no longer together

Sindri Porsson

born on June 8, 1987 went to live with father in 2001 when mother moved to NYC

Stephane Sednaoui


Dom T



Barnamusikskoli Reykjavikur

1970 - 1980
studied piano, flute and voice; was only one in her class to complete the full ten-year program



Appeared in Matthew Barney's "Drawing Restraint 9"


Embarked on concert tour playing the great opera houses of the world


Contributed music and also starred in Lars von Trier's period musical "Dancer in the Dark"; awarded the Cannes Film Festival's Best Actress prize; also received Oscar nomination for composing the song "I've Seen It All"


Bought Ellideay, an island off the coast of Iceland seeking greater privacy in the wake of incidents with a stalker


Was involved in a highly publicized scuffle with press in a Bangkok airport; had brush with dangerous stalker when fan sent a mailbomb including his videotaped suicide scored with her music


Made a cameo in Robert Altman's "Ready to Wear (Pret-a Porter)"


Released solo album "Debut", marking a shift from traditional guitar-bass-drum configuration of Sugarcubes to more technological approach to pop music


Sugarcubes released swan song "Stick Around for Joy"; scored modern rock hit "Hit" and played last gig at NYC's Limelight


Began working with musician Graham Massey of seminal proto-techno music outfit 808 State


Sugarcubes signed with Elektra in the U.S.


Played a troubled teen in the Icelandic TV-movie "Glerbrot"


Formed the band Pukl with then-husband Por Eldon Jonsson; band released first single "Birthday"; changed name to The Sugarcubes


Made acting debut in "The Juniper Tree", an Icelandic modern fairy tale; screened at 1991 Sundance Film Festival


Appeared with Kukl on Icelandic television while seven months pregnant; her bare belly was reported to have resulted in a home viewer seeking damages for a shock-induced heart attack


Kukl embarked on a European tour


Joined the experimental music outfit Kukl


Tappi Tikarrass released Miranda, their second and final album


Featured as part of Tappi Tikarrass in the film "Rock in Reykjavik," a documentary on Icelandic new wave music


Formed the band Tappi Tikarrass; release their first recording, a six-track EP


Joined fusion-jazz band Exodus; appeared on Icelandic television


Formed the short-lived all-girl punk band Spit and Snot; was drummer


Released first album titled Bjork at age 11

Bonus Trivia


Björk received France's National Order of Merit in August 2001.


Björk on autographs, one of the many trappings of pop stardom: "I come from a punk background where we're so hard, people would ask us for autographs and we would grab their jumpers and go, 'Get a life!' We believed in the whole thing about anarchy and everybody is equal, the rule of the majority and how on earth are you supposed to change one person's life when somebody else scribbles their name on a paper card? But I have never been particularly fond of being in that position and I try to discourage it. Because playing music is different, when you're on stage with 1,000 people there – you are just as much into doing what you are doing as they are – you just happened to have that job, and you sort of transfer it, or whatever." – quoted in Rolling, Jan. 23, 1999


"Dancer in the Dark" co-star Catherine Deneuve on Björk's difficulties with the film: "She cannot really act, she can only feel. Some of the situations in the film are so hard, and she was in so much pain, she could not recover from one day to another." – London's Evening Standard, May 23, 2000.


"She is extremely clever. It's like the Cold War. We both have spies everywhere, reporting back all the other's insults. What worries is me is knowing that Björk would be a tiny bit quicker to press the nuclear button than I would." – "Dancer in the Dark" director Lars von Trier about his relationship with Björk, quoted in The Daily Telegraph, August 29, 2000


"I always think about music because it's part of me, I am a song-writer first and foremost. You have to give it a lot. Every song is different. I would die for a song, of course I would. It is the most important thing. I'm a down-to-earth person obsessed with music." – Björk to London's The Daily Telegraph, Feb. 11, 2002