Bjørn Floberg

Born: 09/12/1947


Actor (36)

Kingsman: The Secret Service 2015 (Movie)

Scandinavian Prime Minister (Actor)

90 Minutes 2012 (Movie)


Varg Veum - De Døde Har Det Godt 2012 (Movie)


Varg Veum - Kalde Hjerter 2012 (Movie)


A Somewhat Gentle Man 2011 (Movie)

Rune Jensen (Actor)

O'Horten 2009 (Movie)

Flo (Actor)

Falne Engler 2008 (Movie)


Lonsj 2008 (Movie)


Bitre Blomster 2007 (Movie)


Uro 2006 (Movie)

Frank (Actor)

Kitchen Stories 2004 (Movie)

Grant (Actor)

Tur Och Retur 2003 (Movie)


Uno 2003 (Movie)


Villmark 2003 (Movie)

Gunnar (Actor)

I Am Dina 2002 (Movie)

Dina's Father (Actor)

Music For Weddings And Funerals 2002 (Movie)


Bloody Angels 2001 (Movie)

Presten (Actor)

Beyond 1999 (Movie)

Andre (Actor)

Dykaren 1999 (Movie)


Sofies Verden 1999 (Movie)

The Major (Actor)

Ungfruin goda og husid 1999 (Movie)

Viggo (Actor)

Insomnia 1998 (Movie)

Jon Holt (Actor)

Misery Harbour 1998 (Movie)

Johan (Actor)

The Last Contract 1997 (Movie)


Eye of the Eagle 1996 (Movie)


Cross My Heart and Hope to Die 1995 (Movie)


Horer Du Ikke Hva Jeg Sier! 1995 (Movie)


The Last Lieutenant 1994 (Movie)


The Viking Sagas 1994 (Movie)

Sighvat (Actor)

Herman 1993 (Movie)

Herman's Father (Actor)

The Telegraphist 1993 (Movie)

Rolandsen (Actor)

Blucher 1988 (Movie)


Papirfuglen 1983 (Movie)


Kronprinsen 1979 (Movie)


Shackleton (TV Show)