Watch Black Simon and Garfunkel Expose How Truly Terrible “Roar” Is


When you’re transported into Katy Perry’s world in the “Roar” music video, you can almost forget how bad the lyrics are. But when Black Simon and Garfunkel performed the song in acoustic earnestness on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, staring the audience down in imitation of the iconic folk singers, it becomes painfully clear how insubstantial the song is. 

Perhaps what really highlights the poor quality of the lyrics are the beautiful voices of The Roots’ Questlove and “Captain” Kirk Douglas, who pose as Black Simon and Garfunkel. The duo, which has also performedcurrent hits like “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful” and “Thriftshop” as Black Simon and Garfunkel, shows that stripped down to acoustics and vocals, there isn’t a whole lot to modern pop music. 

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