Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Make Out In Boston

Blake Lively is the biggest star on the CW’s Gossip Girl, a former spokeswoman for Chanel, proud owner of some neat star tattoos on her shoulder and most definitely on the list of who Karl Lagerfeld sends Christmas cards to every year, which means she wasn’t going to take her break up with Leonardo DiCaprio very seriously. In fact, she’s taking it so UNseriously that she was recently spotted in Boston making out with Ryan Reynolds.

Numerous sources report that after the costars ran into each other at the Radiohead concert in NYC in late September, they both realized they were going to be in Boston at the same time so they made plans to hang out. But it seems like they did decidedly more than that because at 5AM on October 3rd, Reynolds was seen hauling Lively’s bag as he escorted her to the train station in the Back Bay neighborhood. Furthermore, the two were seen making out while they were riding the escalator together, and (get this) it was so passionate that Lively’s floppy hat flopped off her head! But it doesn’t even sound like that was as passionate as things may have gotten between the two because an eyewitness claims that instead of staying at a hotel, Lively spent the whole weekend at Reynolds’ house.

To be fair, they are costars and Ryan’s a friendly enough guy to let a lady work associate stay at his house instead of in an unwelcoming hotel. But it’s not that fun to be fair — it’s MUCH more fun to be unfair and say they are totally a couple now and they will be a couple forever and ever and they will be the first people on this planet to prove that monogamy is possible EVEN if you’re not a dolphin or a beaver. And those Mythbusters guys are too preoccupied with their moustaches and pinning shark teeth against mannequins made of gelatinous materials to do it, so why not Lively and Reynolds do it for them?

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Source: HollywoodLife