Blake Shelton Is Apparently Super Racist, And NBC Isn’t Happy


A racist country star? Shocking. We wanted to like Blake Shelton. We really did. After all, he’s taking care of our beloved Gwen Stefani after her terrible divorce, but none of us could possibly guess that Blake Shelton was secretly a racist. Actually, it’s not really a secret at all because it’s buried deep in his Twitter account.

Shelton faced some major heat over the weekend when Twitter users dug up some unsavory remarks the singer posted to Twitter between 2009 and 2011. Yes, it was years ago. It was way before Shelton became a household name on The Voice. It’s still pretty gross.

Warning: these tweets are uncensored and have some filthy language.

Example one:


Example Two:

blake 4

Example Three:

blake 3

Example Four:

blake 2

Okay, so they’re not all racist, but they’re all horribly intolerant and generally offensive. Needless to say, NBC are taking it pretty seriously. According to Page Six, publicists for The Voice are trying to bar any media who covers the show from posting about the Twitter scandal. They have threatened to cut off access to the show’s tapings if the negative coverage about Shelton is run.

A source who spoke to Page Six said PR reps for the show aren’t completely worried, but they’re taking action anyway. “His people think this will blow over, but as the scandal unfolded reps for The Voice called at least one site and asked them not to run [coverage] in exchange for continued access to the show.”

Since then, some stories about fans’ outrage have mysteriously disappeared. That’s a little bit sketchy — you can’t manipulate the news like that. Blake was the one who decided to say insensitive things on a public social media platform that would archive them forever. At the same time, good on NBC’s PR. It’s kind of a major power move.