Blake Testifies To Three New Alibi Witnesses

Robert Blake yesterday Oct.17, 2005 testified there are at least three witnesses who can confirm his alibi that he was not present when his wife Bonnie Lee Bakley was murdered – the first time the actor has made this claim.

Bakley was shot in May 2001 in Blake‘s car outside a restaurant in Studio City, California. Blake says the killing happened as he returned to the eatery to collect a handgun he had left behind.

At the restaurant, the Baretta star told the court he was seen by three workers who never went to the police.

The 72-year-old is battling a civil lawsuit brought by the children of Bakley. Blake was acquitted of fatally shooting Bakley in March 05, but her grown-up kids claim he is responsible for her death.

Blake told the Los Angeles court three workers standing by a cash register saw him walk back into the restaurant. He claims they never gave police a statement because they did not speak English and were not legally allowed in the US.

Eric Dubin, representing Bakley’s children, dismissed Blake‘s testimony. He said, “It’s a new jury, so I guess we have a new alibi. I would call it a desperate and insulting attempt to create an alibi that had never been there for four years.”

Earlier this month, Blake defended his decision to take a gun to the restaurant, telling the civil jury he was worried about people, including a man he called ‘Buzz Cut’, loitering outside his house.

Yesterday, Blake described his late wife as someone desperate for fame and fortune. He also said Bakley had a relationship with Marlon Brando‘s son Christian while she was with him. In one of her letters presented in court, Bakley wrote: “I don’t feel it would be worth it to sever that relationship for anything less than an engagement. It might not be just your money I miss out on, it might be Brando‘s as well via Christian.”

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